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10 Ways to keep yourself motivated

10 Ways to keep yourself motivated

Motivation in life is necessary. It improves your quality of life, your way of living, and your thinking. In today’s fast and distressed situations, one hardly finds ways to keep themselves happy and motivated.

But there are many small things that if added to your life, can make your life good and motivated.

Be Positive – Look at the bright side

Positivity means a lot. It means everything. If you are positive, you think positive, you act positive and you deliver positive. Negativity affects your life badly and prolongs unnecessarily until it becomes a habit. Do not let negative thoughts take over you and control you.

Be Happy

Life is a continuous struggle. You struggle and you strive for the best. If you spend your time worrying about things that you cannot control, you’ll end up gaining nothing.

Time flies, and it waits for no one. So instead of worrying all the time, be happy and contented with what you have.

Remember: You cannot get everything and you cannot control everything.

Be a Change – Don’t Depend on others

Sometimes, you might feel you are not being “YOU” and are forced to be someone else, then “Stop … Change”.

Don’t wait for things and situations to change, just be a CHANGE. Remove your dependencies, let go of yourself, and be free to think, to act, and to speak.

Think, Think, Think

Think 100 times before making a decision. Believe me, this affects your way of life. Don’t forget, you are alone responsible for your acts, so better make it worth living rather than a regret.

Be Different – Do not Copy

Life sets everyone’s path differently, you are unique, and on your own in this struggle of Life. Don’t let other’s judgment affect you. Don’t apply other’s opinions and way of style in your life situations. Think better and reasonable answers/solutions to your questions/problems.

Don’t forget: You have your own great ability to think.

Always Try – Don’t give up

Never give up. Don’t let your past failures let you down. Each day brings new hope, new goals. So start fresh – each day. Failure doesn’t mean you cannot do it. It simply means you need to do it in some other way. And in order to do it in some other way, you need to give it a try.

Enjoy Life & Smile

Cherish small moments that life gives you, moments that put a smile on your face. A moment may last for a second, but leave a strong happy memory. So enjoy and embrace it with a big smile. Don’t wait for bigger moments and achievements to make you happy.

Have Fun

There’s a famous proverb: “All work and no play, make Jack a dull boy”

True. Don’t be a workaholic. Add a fun element in your life, get out of your shell, break the silence and dance to the tunes of life.

Find a Hobby

Find yourself a hobby. It doesn’t have to be a one that requires lot of money. Take a look at things you admire, observe your surroundings. May be, for example, you like flowers and trees; you can start your own small garden at your home. If you like food, why not try cooking. If you like books, why not start reading or writing. If you like parties, why not arrange events?

Help Others

“Helping others” always work. It affects you more than it affects others. You can start with your friends, your siblings, your parents or your neighbors. It will not only make you motivated, but will also increase your friend’s list, make you more social, and above all the feeling of “content” will make you positive and make you realize that you are blessed.

The list is long but start from these 10 things. Try implementing these small and meaningful changes in your life, you’ll start seeing the results immediately. And when you do, then do share your experiences.

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