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Are We Really Improving?

Are We Really Improving?

While we are still trying to digest the shameful seventh position at the Champions Trophy, our team manager, Khawaja Junaid cracks the mother of all jokes while saying he is satisfied with the team’s performance.

According to the manager and captain of the team, Pakistan kept improving with each game throughout the tournament. A 2-1 loss to England, 4-2 against Spain, 6-1 surrender to the Aussies and a 5-0 humiliation at the hands of Germans. Indeed we improved each time! Even a blind eye can see the upgrading.

In the Champions Trophy, Pakistan picked up right from where they had left off in the World Cup last year; rock bottom. And if they continue with the same pace of improvement, God help us at the Olympics.
I was excited about the Champions Trophy. Pakistan had stepped up in the coveted event as the Asian Champions who had a four month long European tour and a triumph in Australia. Hockey fans had every reason to cheer for Pakistan. Sadly, most were only reading the results and not watching the action on TV. A clash with the big tigers of world hockey made us look like shivering lambs. You don’t need to be a hockey wizard to judge the performance. One look at the score line and even my 70 year old Dadi Jan would feel let down with such a dismal show.

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