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Cellulite Reduction with Vegetables

Cellulite Reduction with Vegetables

By Asifa Javaid, Weekly Pulse, April 12, 2013

It is possible to fight with cellulite which is gradually and most commonly found in many women. Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment and there is no way of assurance to get rid of it. The hours spent at the gym or beauty salon does not help to get reduction of cellulite completely. Here are some effective measures which reduce the number of fat cells in the body.

According to the American nutritionist expert cellulite reduction can be achieved if you have a diet rich which is rich in vegetables. Such a diet will bring about a general improvement of health status and it will support the body to metabolize fat cells, which will decrease the cellulite. If you are treated with the vegetables, you will force your body to process chemicals.

According to the experts opinion cooked vegetables are best suited for the battle to reduce cellulite. Vegetables like Brussels sprouts, carrot, spinach and celery are the best example because their consumption helps to remove existing fat and reduces cellulite.


Tomato is rich in antioxidants, which helps the body to dissolve fat and knocks out the blood flow. Lycopene which is found in tomatoes is a great antioxidant that protects the cells of vegetable, destruction by oxidation, prevents heart disease and cancer.

Brussels sprouts

Only four of small Brussels sprouts vegetable gives approximately 240 mg of vitamin K, i.e. if it is consumed twice a day the amount of intake will 480 mg a day which will normalize your body with the improvement and reduction of cellulite. If you are watching out to treat the disease of cancer, then it also helps in cell regeneration but by boiling, it reduces the level of beneficial substances.


Carrots have beta-carotene substance which transformed by your body into vitamin A. It is rich in dietetic fiber, antioxidants and minerals; carrot also helps the body in fight with fat cells. Carrot contains a large amount of potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folic acid and magnesium. You may have all the reasons to consume to get the benefits in reduction of cellulite!


Spinach has a high energetic importance if it is consume at a moderate level to get cellulite reduction. Spinach is also effective and rich in antioxidants, which is a rich source of vitamin A, which also contains lutein (a very important antioxidant), vitamin C, E, K and magnesium. It also contains vitamin B9 or folic acid, which helps the body to regenerate the cells and helps to get rid of cellulite naturally!


Celery is rich in vitamin C and some other active substances that improve health; celery reduces cholesterol and helps the immune system to fight against diseases. As a result for cellulite reduction, add it in your daily diet menu to come out victorious achieved target in to eliminate cellulite naturally.

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