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Conflict and frustration conflict

Conflict and frustration conflict

When two impulses press out for expression and gratification at the same time we are facing conflict. It is very common in our daily life but often we overcome such situations of conflict. Only normal people can overcome conflict easily but for the sick, say neurotic persons it is a highly painful experience. We have often to choose one way to solve a problem, make choice out two or more items before us.it is quite troublesome to choose certain things as sometimes our unwarranted careless or hurried choice can put us in greater problem.

Conflict takes place when more than one mutually exclusive impulse seeks fulfillment or satisfaction simultaneously. These motives or impulses, since block each other, the individual facing conflict is only unable act. He remains in the state of suspension until he delays gratification of one of the impulses. All the people and confronted with such conflicts quite often. A healthy normal individual however will resolve his problem with ease. He finds himself capable to make choice and follows hand, is in difficulty and will be unable to let off either them. It will be true to say rather, that a person become neurotic due to certain extremely difficult situations conflict. In a person’s life some decisions of choice prove to be a turning point and have far-reaching effects, e.g. choice of programming of studies, vocations or life partner. An individual must choose one or the other from two goals and have both negative and positive feelings about a particular one. In such situation the individual faces conflict that is four types.

Types of conflict (conflict frustration):

  1. Approach-avoidant conflict
  2. Approach-approach conflict
  3. Avoidant-avoidant conflict
  4. Double approach-avoidant conflict

Approach- avoidant conflict:

Attracted by one object but repelled by another at the same time is the situation of conflict in which individual finds himself. The object that attracts is unfortunately associated with a repelling one.

Approach-approach conflict:

In a situation of conflict of this type, an individual has two desirable goals that are mutually exclusive. Being caught between tow desired objects is the approach-approach conflict.

Avoidant-avoidant conflict:

In this situation an individual avoids two unpleasant alternatives .The individual cannot usually do so without encountering either of the two, as if one is between the devil and the deep sea. The individual is repelled by both choices but must take one of them.

Double approach- avoidant conflict:

Both courses of action, when have good and bad features that we weigh to make choice, mark this conflict. This is generally a more complex conflict.

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