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Confused Nation

One thing is very obvious. We are a certainly very highly confused nation, specially, when it comes to democracy. I am writing these lines, when everyone wants to jump on the “Geo = Jew” bandwagon due to Hamid Mir’s accusation of ISI over the Karachi incident. While I completely agree with the part of the bashing, where Geo is not only blaming the ISI, but it is almost convicting it. If it had the powers, it would have sentenced it responsible till now. This is a completely unacceptable practice. By no standards of journalism, this is acceptable.

But lets stop for a minute. Take a deep breath and ask ourselves. What has Hamid Mir done? What has Iftikhar Chahudhry done? Why all this lamenting on the missing person’s issue? I think, like in any decent country, we need to abide by laws. We need to arrest people, put them in front of courts and see if they sentence them or not? We, as a nation, do not have the courage to testify against a suicide bomber, who could not blow himself up, why are we mourning judiciary releasing such terrorist? If you doubt me, ask yourself. Will you testify against a failed suicide bomber? NO. I think, all they wanted was, for this to happen. All the people, anyone (be it ISI, police, any other law enforcement agency) have picked up, should be presented in front of courts and they should be treated according to law. Found guilty, punished. Not found guilty, released. What is wrong in wanting that to happen? Picture yourself in that situation. What if you are picked up, and you are innocent? If you are not satisfied, you see loopholes, improve the laws. A state within a state is what we are fighting against Taliban for, right? Everything needs to run under one law, not five sets of laws. Constitution, Taliban version of Shariah, Agencies laws.  How many will we let made and established?

So let’s get this straight, while ISI or any other law enforcement agency, (if at all) might be doing it all in the national interest.  While Musharraf might be one of the best rulers in Pakistan’s history, please remember, you and I did not invite him to come and take the nation over. We have not given anyone the mandate to pick anyone of us up and lock us in for eternity without the right to free and fair trial. Musharraf’s takeover was completely uncalled for. Why does not Army take over in any other part of the world now? People have grown up. For God’s sake, election offered you choices of candidates, why did you not vote the right people. Why invite Army take overs now?  As far as I am concerned, from the attitude of Gen. Kiyani and Raheel Shareef, Army is also fed up of take overs and having to do things, it is never trained for. We would fight for democracy and crave for dictatorship when it finally arrives. Why don’t you understand, getting involved in politics corrupts Army and spoils its image.

Let’s get this sorted once and for all? Do we want democracy or do we want complete authoritarian regimes? I am not demonizing anyone or any institution, but why do we lament Gen. Zia Ul Haq then? He did all of it in the “National interest”. Results are in front of everyone. I know, politicians are not perfect, they are not even people with reliable character, but trust me, the Salahuddin, you are trying to search for, in the Army generals today, they are not those as well. Anyone who believes Army is free of corruption, lives in a fool’s paradise. Yes, there are good and bad people, but so are there in politicians. Let’s allow this system to run for a while and let the system filter the corrupt and ignorant. Let’s vote clean people to assemblies. Let’s strengthen institutions, let’s stand by democracy. Let’s honor basic human rights. Let’s be patient. In my personal opinion, you did take revenge from those who did not treat you well in the last five years. Do the same in 2018.

Where are our Anna Hazarays? Where are our Arvind Kejarwals? Why don’t we take democratic routes to change things? We will just sit and be digital Facebook tigers. We will just opt to invite Army and oust and boot people we voted, out. You still have power. You can make your MNA accept anything you say. He has to beg you in another four years for your votes. I can bet, if there is no water, 15 of us will stand at the corner of the street, maybe with cans in hand, but not one of us will go to the relevant office to complain. Those 15 (who have nothing else to do) can get the problem corrected. We don’t know our rights. We have not learnt to solve our problems. God knows how much more time will it take us to mature? To decide as to whether ballot or baton is the way…

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