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Current Situation of Afghanistan

Current Situation of Afghanistan

Elections of 2014:

Hamid Karzai,the President of Afghanistan refused to sign the agreement with US and said this agreement will be signed by the president after me. This is really confusing situation it is considered that he want to force US to support next president which is from south or west of Afghanistan who agree with this agreement not from northern union who are not agree with signing this agreement.

Election is done but none of the volunteers could get 50% of votes. So the new election will be played by two volunteers, who got the most votes Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahamadzei 47% and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah 27%.

This election can make the future of Afghanistan and it is important for Afghanistan, its neighbors and west as well.

Taliban office in Qatar:

After opening the office in Qatar by Taliban, Afghanistan government get the opportunity to talk to some subgroups of Taliban and it is a good progress for Afghan government.

Decreasing of import and increasing export:

In this decade, Afghanistan import was 75% less than the decade before. And some small factories start producing products which helps afghan nation to have a better financial situation.

Indian support of Afghans in every field:

The biggest supporter of Afghanistan in previous decade was India, who gave more than 50000 Afghan student scholarships per year. More than 60% roads of Afghanistan were built by the help of India.

Indian doctors and Indian hospitals exist in Kabul which stopped Afghans from going abroad and specially Pakistan. Indian universities are opened in all provinces of Afghanistan provide them good quality education.

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