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Dirty Oil or Regional Supremacy

Dirty Oil or Regional Supremacy

Let’s just come to the point. We all know that the US strike on any country is due to two reasons. 1: Oil, 2: Regional Interests. Vietnam, Korean and Afghanistan were all about Regional Supremacy. To get stronghold in a region where 2 superpowers and 4 nuclear capable countries are. Iraq and Libya were all about Dirty Oil. Both of these countries have ones of the largest proven oil reserves. The WMDs of Iraq were a myth and an Intelligence Mistake of the CIA that brought down a prosperous country and killed close to a million civilians in 10 years. Prior to the war in Iraq, the country’s oil reserves were managed mostly by state run oil companies. After the war most of the oil fields of Iraq are run either by foreign oil companies or by shadowy organizations that are backed by western oil companies. After the fall of Qaddafi in Libya, the same show will be repeated once again.
But why is US so keen to attack Syria? The country is ranked at 35 in the Proven Oil Reserves List on Wikipedia. That is less than the reserves of India, Britain, Egypt, Vietnam and several other countries. The US government is so keen to blame the recent chemical attacks on the Assad regime that according to reports, they will not wait for the UN to conclude their investigation. MailOnline.com had published a report a few months back about intelligence leaks that US is backing a chemical attack in Syria which will be pinned on the Assad regime. The website was sued and fined more than 100,000 £ because it could not support its claims.
The way I see it, US is trying to pin recent chemical attacks on the Assad regime because of Oil and Regional Supremacy. Syria lies on the coast of Mediterranean Sea in the West and Iraq in the east. In 2011 Iraq, Iran and Syria signed a deal for a gas pipeline that would transport Iranian gas to the Mediterranean Sea. Iraqi oil can also be transported to the Mediterranean Sea by a pipeline through Syria, from where it could be transported to any country in Europe or North America.
When it comes to regional supremacy, Syria has great importance. Firstly, it is the only remaining country bordering Israel that does not support Israel. In 2013, Israel has twice attacked Syria with air strikes which were claimed by Israel “Strikes were targeting missiles that Russia sold to Syria – NY Times.” Some other reports suggested that the strikes were targeted to destroy ammunition bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran fully backs Syria and Assad Regime. Both countries are bound by a mutual defense treaty that if one country gets attacked, the other will most likely join the fight. Any attack on Syria will be considered as an indirect attack in Iran to bring it into an open conflict. Likewise, in April 2013, the US senate has approved that the US will back Israel both military and financially if it gets attacked. Now consider this equation,
- US attack Syria which is supported by Iran.
- Syria is most likely to retaliate by a strike against Israel or spark a regional war.
- Any attack on Israel will bring US to engage in a full-fledged war against Syria.
- Iran will probably back Syria with finance or military support and will be forced to join the fight.
- US and Israel will then have the opportunity to declare war against Iran. The US already has forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to mention many other military bases in the Middle East, Pakistan, India and other countries neighboring Iran.

Iran has the fourth largest oil reserves in the world. And the Islamic government of Iran does not cooperate with US and Western policies in the region. This is not a turn of recent events; this was planned years ago. According to General Wesley Clark’s book “Winning Modern Wars” in which he wrote about a conversation with a US defense official about attacking seven countries in the Middle East. Guess which country is on the last of that list, IRAN. All the other countries have already been bombed by the US and NATO forces starting from Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. The chemical attacks in Syria are just a diplomatic cover to start a war on Syria and Iran which has been planned by the think tanks in Washington and Tel-Aviv.
Russia and China have warned against any strike on Syria a few days ago. But I remember three years ago both these countries had warned that they will risk WWIII if a military intervention in Middle East is done by US. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered massive strikes against Saudi Arabia if US decides to attack Syria. There are only two results of any military intervention by US in Syria. One to declare Israel as the only power left in the Middle East (and pave the way for GREATER ISRAEL, another conspiracy theory but I think that’s the second phase of establishing Israel, just look at how much Palestinian land they have conquered in the past 50 years). And secondly, to get control of the oil producing nations and easy transportation of Oil to the western shores.

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