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Distinctive Qualities Of Good Friends

Distinctive Qualities Of Good Friends

A good friend is a rare blessing. You may have lots of friends but not the true ones. Here are some qualities that differentiate a good friend from an ordinary one:


A good friend is someone you can rely on entirely with all your deep and dark secrets, knowing the fact that he/she wouldn’t share them with anybody else. A good friend will never break your trust and speak worse about you behind your back.


A good friend is someone who stays loyal to you throughout the good and bad times. He/she will never betray you even when things go wrong and will stand tall with you to provide the best support.


A good friend is never a “Yes Person”. He/she will never be afraid to criticize your negative points or pin point your flaws. A genuine friend will never think to please you at all times by saying Yes, when the actual condition warrants that they say true things which may be unpleasing, but true.


A good friend accepts you for who you are, no matter what the world thinks of you. A good friend does not try to bring a forced change in you but do suggests things you can improve by figuring out where you are going wrong.


Good friend always provide support to you, particularly when you are in dire need of their help. Real friends relish your accomplishments as if these were their own. A good friend is never jealous or resentful from your achievements.


A real mate is someone who manages time well to help you out with your problems, without feeling it as a burden or hassle.


Great friendship is all about understanding and knowing each other’s feelings. When nobody else can realize anything wrong with your body language, a good friend immediately feels something is wrong and seeks the cause of trouble and come with the immediate solutions to your problems.


Great friends are non-judgmental and do not rush to make quick, insincere and often upsetting judgments based on your actions without any understanding of the facts behind them. Rather in a best friendship relationship, either friend analyzes the specific action and extends very constructive suggestions.

Stays in Touch:

Regular communication is the real life line of great friendship. Good friends make calls quite often to know how you are doing and are very much concerned about your well-being.

Do not Use You:

Real friends never use you to achieve their own benefits. Whether it is about finance or anything else, a good friend will never bother about it but only you.

Not Ashamed To Be With You:

A true friend would not get embarrassed in your company; rather feel proud to be with you. He/she would stay in touch through the hard times and does not care whatever the people around say about you. Good friends would treasure you for who you are.


Best friends make big sacrifices and are not selfish or self-centered. They don’t think about themselves only but keep building the beautiful bond of friendship.


A good friend never brings money in the way of friendship. They don’t hang with you only for the sake of your money or other perks that come along with it. A good friend always supports you keeping your financial condition at the sidelines.

Best Listener:

True friends are always good listeners and always like to listen to your thoughts and ideas.


Good friends never degrade you in front of other people. They respect you and treat you in the best possible way.

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