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Drugs…A Ticking Time Bomb

Drugs…A Ticking Time Bomb

The question arises that are drugs an addiction or a fashion? I’m simply of the view that it is a fashion.

The use of drugs in the fashion world, as in American culture in general has roots in the 1960’s. It reached its height in the late 1970’s. As we all know that drugs and fashion are old fashion paractices and co-dependents. People are so eager to show off their high standards that they adopt such kind of things as fashion. And by adopting it as a fashion they become addicted by time. It has also been a need for most of the people. It’s the basic need for the people of fashion industry to set out their figures perfectly. Modelling girls take them to shape their figures.

Most of the drug addicts are youngsters and people who work in fashion and film. Youngsters become more vulnerable to the lure of drugs and so they carry on it to their extent unless their need is not fulfilled, because when you are addicted you may not be able to control your drug usage and you may continue using the drug despite the harm it causes. It causes an intense craving. Even there comes a point where you want to quit everything, but you can’t do it so by your own.

So, by keeping in view all the things, I’m of the opinion that, Yes! Fashion is trendy and should be adopted as it’s not a negative thing but adopting it beyond limits is of course negative, because these kinds of things are not a part of fashion, although people had made them so.

We all should be concerned about it and take measures to eradicate such harmful activities to save our society so that these kinds of fashion trends should never born again.

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