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Although we are small, but we are passionate about blogs. We keep it simple and authentic so that the readers get a complete story. This is our team and we love to have more people on board. Contact us if you want to contribute any reviews.

taimoorTaimoor Ali Khan: Taimoor is the Digital Content Lead at Incepio. He has been working at prominent media outlets for several years now. He blogs at several websites about current affairs, religion and other walks of life.

Email: [email protected]
Follow on Twitter: @taimoorkhan1985


051020112663 Sania Hafeez: Sania Hafeez is Software Engineer and has a  passion for web and software development and joined  ePakistan to develop and ensure quality of the software being developed.

Email: [email protected]
Follow on Twitter: @SaniaHafeez1990


samiaSamia Tariq: Samia Tariq is content writer, blogger and social media enthusiast.She has a passion for arts,  writing and profound love for nature. For her life is at its best when you live it for a vision and a purpose every  day and every minute. Follow her on Google
Follow on Twitter: @SamiaTariq


sirajSiraj Khawaja: The mind is a superior phenomenon that is marked by the capacity to perform intellectual functions. The ability to reason logically, is the fundamental basis for the notion that, “Anything is possible, as long as you put your mind to it.

Email: [email protected]
Follow on Twitter: @siraj_khawaja


8Nida Aslam: The author is a Social Media Expert and a regular blogger. She blogs at: Nida Aslam’s Blog

Email: [email protected]


bilalBilal Rashid: Bilal is a student of bachelors at National University of Science and Technology. He has a flare for writing on different topics related to Pakistan, its people and its culture.

Email: [email protected]


farazFaraz Hassan: A Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and currently working in the UK & Ireland assurance division of one of the Big 4 audit firms. Originally from Karachi and now based in Dublin(Ireland).Twitter handle: @eff_eche (twitter.com/eff_eche)

Blog address: http://farazhasan.wordpress.com

Email:[email protected]


khadijaKhadija Ali: The writer is an Advocate of the High Courts of Pakistan and a Human Rights Activist. She is the President of a youth-led organization Tabeer working for democracy, human rights and peace in Pakistan.

Follow on Twitter: @KhadijaAliii
Blog Address: khadijaali.wordpress.com
Email: [email protected]


writerEzra Melino: Ezra Melino is an all-around-geek turned serious blogger out of North Carolina who not-so-secretly relishes an in-print love affair with everything from technology and multimedia entertainment to film and the hopper. He has written for and managed multiple tech blogs that are devoted to exploring new technological developments all around the world.

Email: [email protected]


24Shahnila Fahmi professional software engineer with 9 years of experience in the field. I graduated from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and am currently working with a leading software house in Karachi.

Email: [email protected]


shahzadShahzad Qaisar Farooq: Qaisar is a creative writer, dedicated researcher and contemporary blogger in the perspectives of Global Information Management Systems. His M. Phil research thesis“Framing War against terrorism” is considered an excellent and model study by academician, historians and renowned supervisors. He had already coordinated research studies in media, literature and development campaigns. His bilingual (English & Urdu) analytic articles about social national and international issues published in newspapers & blogs.

Email: [email protected]


writerAlina Salman: Alina Salman is a law graduate from University Law College, Punjab University. She is a content writer and writes about different topics related to society, education and others.

Email: [email protected]


waqasSyed Mohammad Waqas: The author is an English Literature graduate from Punjab University. He has authored four English and Urdu books. He also chairs the research network known as Bab-ul-Ilm Research Foundation (BIRF) in Pakistan.

Email: [email protected]


rafayRafay Awan

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://raafay-awan.blogspot.com


writerNabeel Fatima

Email: [email protected]

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