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Extensive Use of Mobile Phones

Extensive Use of Mobile Phones


Mobile phones have brought a rapid revolution in the field of communication. When we did not have the mobile phones, it was not possible to reach the person at any given time.Every coin has two faces. Same goes with the mobile technology. It has numerous advantages but it also brings with it some disadvantages.

Effect on Health
One of it is the radiations of mobile phones that are causing serious health hazards to the users. The mobile phone users are more prone to brain tumors, ear defects, headaches and blurring of vision.  The mobile phones use microwave radiations to transmit data or more clearly they use these radiations to connect. For this base stations are to be installed in various parts of the city so that effective coverage can be given to the users.

Addiction in Teenagers
Due to low priced services in the form of postpaid and prepaid the teenagers can easily avail mobile telephony.The teenagers are talking of the services, giving and receiving text messages; downloading wallpapers and ringtones and playing games. They by this way get detached with the other important activities which are so important for their social and personality development.

Increased Stress Level

Mobile phones also lead to an increased stress level. People often get call from their bosses at odd times or on weekends when they are busy or enjoying with their family, to get their official work done.

Wastage and Time Passing

SMS has been an addiction to all the youngsters. Messages are being circulated even in the class room when the classes are going on. It has also become a media of teasing and harassing the girls. A person gets the mobile number of a smart girl then calling/messaging her becomes a factor of time pass for him.

Wastage of Money

In order to get up-to-date, people try to change their mobile phones too often. This habit causes them to spend unnecessary cost on mobile phones in buying the new and up to date mobile phone. 


So mobile phones should be used with good attentiveness, only as a media of communication not as a harassment and disturbance. It is advisable to keep the mobile phones in silent mode or to keep it switched off, in the sensitive places and situations where they are prohibited. There are many disadvantages of using mobile phones but it’s up to us how well we manage our devices.

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  2. This article is very well written and topic is excellent. I think we should use mobile for contacting and information sharing and cheap calls and sms packages should be finished.

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