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Fashion Trends by Designers In Islamabad Fashion Week 2013

Fashion Trends by Designers In Islamabad Fashion Week 2013

Fashion has a universal language for arts. It depicts art, love for style and beauty all around. It gives an opportunity to beautify ourselves by means common people aren’t aware of. It has given woman freedom of expression through dresses, colors and wonderful accessories. Different designers all over the world have created masterpieces in their own way. These are seen in different fashion weeks around the world. After showcase of the collection in different cities of Pakistan, different designers exhibit their brand new collection in Islamabad that started from 4-6 October 2013 at Serena Hotel. This year’s participants included AP Gallerie, Erum Khan, Envogue Fashion, Kayseria, Ittehad Textile, Gift University, Gul Ahmed among others. The new collection takes its inspiration from modern trends such as contemporary digital prints and celebrates the femininity of the modern Pakistani woman. The creations have been precisely fashioned using fabrics such as digital viscose, silk, velvet and pashmina embellished with decorative details and gold-plated edges. The designs also features traditional paisleys mixed with a delicate palette of dark colors and peacock shades. The outfits in the collection exhibit a diversity of cuts and silhouettes, ranging from dresses with long lengths to less huge tops and pants.

It was a nice collection but as an opinion they can be wear by designers and models or on parties, the embroidery done on them is very heavy and expensive so they cannot be wore by middle class people. Fashion is really a way of expressing yourself whatever you wear including clothes, shoes and jewelry etc. Everyone is unique and let me tell you it’s a challenge to be really fashionable. Once it is accepted by majority it becomes a trend and then a tradition. I think Fashion is the first evidence of creativity which at first sight may not appeal to most of us. I think fashion is important, but it is not the most important thing. As I wear clothes that are comfortable to me and also look good most of the high end, designer clothing seems too strange and uncomfortable and expensive too.

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  1. i am not a fan of heavy works but i am impressed by the colors and sequence..i think this attire will be pretty perfect for the embroidery lovers

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