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February 05th – Kashmir Solidarity Day

February 05th – Kashmir Solidarity Day

This is a public holiday in Pakistan. It is observed as a commitment of Pakistanis, that they support Kashmiris and their cause morally, politically and diplomatically. The day is not just celebrated in Pakistan, but all over the world by Kashmiris and Pakistanis. The martyrs of Srinagar are also remembered on this day when in 1990, Indian troops killed over 50 Kashmiris in Srinagar who were protesting against Indian troops who molested Kashmiri women during house to house search.

Usually in Pakistan, this day is celebrated by addresses of Parliamentarians supporting the Kashmir cause and a couple of resolutions in the provincial and national assemblies. A statement from the Prime Minister and President marking the importance of the day and then we are done with this day for the year. Over the past few years, since Maulana Fazl ur Rahman has taken over as the chairman of Kashmir Committee, the issue has slowly been sidelined because dear old Maulana is quite busy toppling the KPK government these days. There is very little reporting in the national media on what is happening in Kashmir. I remember when there was just PTV, every day we had news regarding Kashmir and its people in the 9pm bulletin. And there was a Kashmiri bulletin in the evening. But I guess today our media has many other ‘important’ issues to cover. Yes we do have some other major problems in our country like terrorism, a weakened economy and corruption etc. But this does not mean that Kashmir should be sidelined. One can clearly see that the current government is even less inclined to talk about Kashmir and are more interested in awarding ‘Most Favored Nation’ award to India. In my opinion this is treason against the thousands of martyrs who have lost their lives in the fight for freedom.

The media might not report Kashmir very often, but the love and importance of Kashmir and its people is still there in the hearts and minds of every Pakistani. But we need more than just that. This day should be a commitment towards Kashmiris and their right to self-determination. We need to tell the world what is really happening in Kashmir. Extra judicial killings, detaining innocent protesters without any charge and other acts by the Indian troops in the valley should be reported to the world.

According to statistics, in the past 25 years, more than 90,000 innocent civilians have been killed by Indian troops. More than 10,000 women raped and more than 7,000 have been killed while being in police or army custody. Several mass graves have been discovered in different parts of Kashmir. And in defiance to all humanitarian laws, Government of India still continues its inhumane policies towards Kashmiris and their right. Since 1947, Kashmiris have protested on all international platforms, but the super powers of the world usually turn a blind eye towards the atrocities performed by Indian army.

My resolution on February the 5th is that I will support Kashmiris not just for the day, but until they are granted their right. Until they are granted their freedom from Indian oppression. I will do whatever is in my power to show the world the brutality of Indian government towards the Muslim majority in Kashmir.

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