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Feeling Suicidal? How to help yourself

Feeling Suicidal? How to help yourself

All patients of depression must be screened for suicide risk as 90% of those committing suicide  or deliberate self-harm are suffering from psychiatric illness. It is one of the top ten causes of death in all age groups and one of the top three causes in young adults and teenagers.

Risk factors for adolescent suicide:

  • Individual factors: It includes psychological/ emotional problems, Stressful life events, early adult age and male gender.
  • Mental Health problems: A person suffering from major depression, substance abuse disorder and with a history of psychiatric care and previous suicidal behaviour committed suicide.
  • Family related risk factors: Being single, divorced, family conflicts, family history of suicide, history of child abuse are risk factors.
  • Social risk factors: Socio-economic disadvantage, migrant population, unemployment and social isolation force man to commit suicide.
  • Environmental risk factors: Media cues, cultural support of suicide, easy access to methods and suicide amongst peers.

Factors that help to keep away people from committing Suicide:

  1. Being social can keep you away from committing suicide. You should connect with other people around you and share your problems with them with this believe that they will not distract you. In this room you will feel relaxed and find new ways of resolving your problems.
  2. A good Life partner in your life brings happiness in your spirit and reduces your depression, strain. He/she cope up your courage to face every problem and difficulty in life. He/she remains firm with you in every situation of life. They never let you alone!
  3. Children change your thinking that if you commit suicide then in your absence, they will spoil and they will ruin by this world. So, children make you a responsible adult man. You will start thinking about the bright future of your children. They give you a sense of hope. When you come back to your home at night, their little naughty acts get you happy and a blessed person. You blank out your anxiety away and make your time with your kids.
  4. Trusting in yourself also keeps you away from committing the suicide. You should think that you hold the abilities like the others possess. You can also do something better than others.
  5. Having a strong spiritual and religious believe have a major effect on suicide prevention.
  6. You should work hard to make money and become economically stable. In this mode, you will love all the ingredients of life.
  7. Good health makes you healthy, strong, energetic and creative. You will start thinking about your life with a different perspective.
  8. If you feel that a person close to you has a mental disorder,then lead him/her to the psychiatrist and provide him/her full moral, economic and social livelihood.

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Asma Anwar is a student of BS Psychology at the Unviersity of Management and Technology.

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