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FFC steps ahead to support Pak Film Industry

FFC steps ahead to support Pak Film Industry

Pakistan’s premier fertilizer manufacturer FFC has taken a step forward to support the dying film industry of Pakistan by arranging a special show of Pakistan’s latest and most anticipated movie “WAAR” here at Cine Gold Plex, Bahria Town Islamabad. FFC’s Corporate Communications department arranged the Corporate Movie Night Out for all FFC Employees with family as an effort to increase internal communications “WAAR” Movie cast was invited to highlight FFC efforts in pursuing patriotic endeavors to serve the country.

A large number of FFC employees and their families attended the show making the event memorable. The presence of film’s crew made the event more interesting as the audience got a chance to share their thoughts with young and energetic movie director Bilal Lashari and his team regarding movie and national film industry. The audience largely appreciated the theme and making of the movie by terming it a new start for national film industry.

Pakistan is a nation that has the tendency to surprise the world and its people in the most unforeseen ways. “Waar” is the best example of brilliant cinematography and 145 minutes of utter surprise. At several times one wonders, that whether they are really watching a Pakistani movie, said a spectator after watching the movie. Waar has all the ingredients which improved the flavor of the complete movie. Leaving behind the fact that the movie is heavily budgeted, there are other feathers in the cap. According to me, every big budgeted movie does not guarantee quality content and strong narration but Waar is a totally different case, a youth added.

By Hina Ali, WEEKLY PULSE MAGAZINE, March 03, 2014

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