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For the success, firstly give worth to yourself!

For the success, firstly give worth to yourself!

 Everyone wants success in his life whether he is a poor, middle class or rich. Success is like a dream of every person. Actually it is in the nature of human being of getting better and better. If you ask a question from a child of 7 years about his future, he will surely say that he wants to be a doctor, engineer, soldier etc. when he said this; automatically it comes in his mind that he will be such a successful professional doctor, engineer etc. whom no one compete. So, we can say that everyone wants to be superior also.

Success is not given to some people even they have a dream of it. They also try many times but, every time they meet with a failure. Why? Because of continuous failures at the start, they start thinking themselves worthless. By this thinking, they made every effort which results in failure. They start losing confidence upon their selves. When they don’t give importance to their selves, how can other people will give? Others also believe that they are really worthless due to which they can’t get success in their life. Their behavior with these people changes, they start pointing out that they are worthless and shouldn’t make efforts anymore because there is always a failure in their fate.

But you must know that everyone is worthy and have their abilities. They are just a need of finding these abilities and use them for getting success. You shouldn’t believe on the selfish words of others. You should be determined of showing the others that they were wrong; you can achieve anything like they can. Never show your worries to others because they can’t understand. You should be independent and have a confident on yourself. Just believe on this that you are worthy!

About Asma Anwar

Asma Anwar is a student of BS Psychology at the Unviersity of Management and Technology.

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