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From a record breaking Nation to a Breaking down Nation

From a record breaking Nation to a Breaking down Nation

Pakistan a nation made on its own, got freedom half a century ago. This nation owns many Records to its name but never got the right representation in the world, because it got tagged as a terrorist nation.

The achievements that Pakistan has:

  • Got the youngest ever Microsoft Expert
  • Got M.M.Alam
  • Got the cricket world cup of 1992
  • Got Best Squash players, who ruled the world for a whole Decade
  • Got one of the best Armies training and Armies
  • Got prominent records in the game of cricket
  • Got the representative position in the Muslim World
  • Got Airplane Who for the first time in Asia flew as a jet aircraft and a Boeing 737

But all these achievements seems getting rusted, the question is why?

Is it because they are not enough or able achievements?

Or is it because, the government is not enough representative?

Now Pakistan is known for the Terrorist organizations creeping through all of the country.

Cricket teams don’t want to visit for the “Tour”, tourism is highly effected despite the fact that the natural beauty remains as more beautiful as they have always have been.

Pakistan is labeled as a terrorist territory but holds the record for most Ambulances by a VOLUNTEER organization.

Pakistan has Ability to make its mark on the world, and rose as a peaceful and economically strong nation, but the question still remains why it cannot do that is because, government do not represent nation, on international level, because it has to face allegations about terrorism and corruption. Pakistani nation has to be a part of all allegations and cannot have chance to rise.

Pakistan needs to free itself from these allegations so that it can rise as a peaceful country and also as an economically stable state. Pakistan does not lack talent stars, what it does lack is opportunities for these stars which have to be created and provided by the government, or these stars will or might be taken out of the country and their talents be applied for their own good. Pakistan Government first needs to stabilize itself, and all through this process Pakistani people should be patient. People make and break the government, because democracy is “for the people, by the people”.

Pakistan has always been a struggling country, struggling for freedom, struggling for energy crisis. From its Independence, it has been dependent on the “Security Pacts” and “AIDS” from America and in a way lost its independence after its creation. But the people in Pakistan can still be and will make their country Independent. A country which only dependent on its people and its people depending on it. This is only possible when People and government work together to make their country strong.

About Maryam Mahmood

Maryam Mahmood is doing BS in International Relations from UMT

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