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Gun Politics in Pakistan?

Gun Politics in Pakistan?

In Punjab and Sind the by-elections returned with the expected result but with shocking realities. Weapons were used openly for the
celebration, which was against election commission’s newly introduced regulations.  The show down of weapons proved the need of
de-weaponization process in the country.  The use of arms and weapons is alarmingly high around the country. The arms licenses are issued by the Home ministry of provinces  and Interior Ministry which is raising many questions on the  above ministries’ policies.



Recently, a report in a newspaper about the weapons culture and weapon trade in Punjab showed some alarming facts. According to it, Punjab Police was conniving the arms dealers to get the arms in the black market.  Not too while ago former Home minister from Sind accepted that he had distributed some 300,000 licenses to his liking group. He reportedly said that he didn’t distribute the licenses for wedding celebrations.  Currently Pakistan is engulfed with the wave of terrorism and crime and the home ministries and interior ministries are distributing the gun licenses like free pamphlets.


Reportedly, the interior ministry issued 27,551 permits in 2009; 11,776 in 2008; 5,789 in 2010; and 4,682 last year. Federal Investigation Agency reported that thousands of licenses for prohibited bore- weapons had been issued against the law. The recent reports published by a national papers revealed that Home and tribal Affair department of KPK doesn’t have the records of 3.5million licenses issued for non-prohibited bores. Reportedly, 250 arms manufacturing factories are generating revenue of more than Rs100 million but the Home department doesn’t carry the proper data. The towns like Darra Adam Khel has hundreds of factories which are producing from air craft guns to pen guns, but there is no laws or requirement of license are imposed on them.


From north to south gun politics has grown in Pakistan. No each province is behind in this race, whether Sind or KPK. The above
reports and facts show that licenses issued by ministries are politically distributed among the people. This shows that each party
has either militant wings or arms equipped workers around. The distributing arms licences among people in a country are dangerous
which is getting higher in unemployment and poverty. Unintentionally these political parties are pushing the country towards civil war by not providing the employment and education but by providing licenses of sophisticated weapons.

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