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Haunting sculptures and colourful paintings
Some of the work that is on display. Nusrat Raza's Karo Kari (right), Jam Depar (left) and Mohammad Kazim (center).

Haunting sculptures and colourful paintings

By Nadeem Zuberi, WEEKLY PULSE MAGAZINE, September 30, 2013

The concepts related to human lives evolve into fine structures reflecting various perspectives in a limited space through lines and figures. The colorful paintings of domestic scenes, geometric designs, seals and alluring female figures alongside haunting wood, terracotta and fiberglass sculptures at the Unicorn Gallery, Karachi are the artists’ concept of life which they share through their art.

The basic concept of the artworks lies in the mystics of our land. The stories are woven around social infrastructure and human psyche. Every sculpture and painting speaks about social issues by using various medium and approach. Nusrat Raza Mangi and Jam Depar find sculpture as an appropriate medium to communicate with others while Manzoor Ali Solangi and Hussain Chandio’s choice of expression is painting. The human form is a major source of inspiration for each artist.

Deeply rooted in culture Jam Depar’s wooden figure based sculptures reflects his known and unknown self. Being interested in clay since his childhood his love and interest of nature has made him produce sensitive artworks. Various images emerge on sheesham wood portraying his subconscious. A cylindrical human figure having large eyes gives an impression of an alien feeling that wants attention of the world around. While handling the medium skilfully his figures lean more towards imagination than reality.

Hussain Chandio’s paintings are a true portrayal of the daily life of Mohana, a fishermen community living along the Indus Riverbed. The hardships of their lives and their survival against the odds of life bring upon them by the nature, as they deals with the unfavourable conditions results due to floods and dry seasons. He got inspired by their will to survive facing natural calamities their whole life but stick to their roots. They do not leave their homes fearing of tough times ahead instead they fight and win. He reflects how the life of ordinary people is affected by these circumstances and phenomena. He wants to spread awareness about certain known as well as unknown issues present in our lives.

A unique aspect of his paintings is the aerial view of the situations he painted giving a new look and therefore results in a different response from the onlooker. He explores the experiences and tragedies of the people through diverse compositions in acrylic on canvas. The texture of his paintings supports his subject and the elements help interpreting his viewpoint.

Nusrat Raza Mangi chooses terracotta and fiberglass as his medium of expression. Very artistically he raises socio-political issues, which is a response to the world around. He takes inspiration from his immediate environment and transforms them into figures of expressions. Highlighting many serious problems of our society his works talk to the viewers. He has a good sense of making symbolic representation of issues and situations in his sculptures.

Manzoor Ali Solangi’s current series explores Indus Valley Civilization through colours and forms synchronously with symbols and characters of the ancient past. Previously known for his ‘takhti’ miniatures he derives inspiration from the bygone era that once a hub of great civilization. The Indus woman constantly appears in his paintings in many styles and moods depicting life and its various shades.

The bright hues of his paintings go along the stylized gestures and postures of woman figures. Beside human forms he uses symbols of ancient civilization in his works. The ancient heavy stone jewellery, the seals and geometric designs bring the past memories while the local foliage connects the past and present Indus valley.

The participating artists at the group show are permanent faculty members at Center of Excellence in Art and Design (CEAD) Jamshoro University. Through new series of paintings and sculptures the artists Hussain Chandio, Jam Depar, Nusrat Raza Mangi and Manzoor Ali Solangi are recalling the ancient culture of Sindh.

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