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High Blood pressure is a Silent killer… Kill it before it kills you

High Blood pressure is a Silent killer… Kill it before it kills you

Meet with one of the silent killer who starts killing you without informing you at the start. When it reaches very high or low, you realize that you become a patient who cannot live a healthy life. It’s a wrong concept. Once blood pressure attacks on you, you should be preparing for killing it. There are many things by which you can keep the blood pressure in control. You have to adopt the following things for killing this disease.

  1. Lose your weight: Weight is a cause of high blood pressure. For controlling the weight, we should do daily exercise of 30 minutes. Also try to lose the weight by running, walking, swimming and cycling etc.
  2. Cut Salt: Salt gives a taste to the meal but for the high blood pressure patient, it is poison. Whenever you eat something, check its nutrition. Limit the sodium intake to approximately 2400 mg which means eating fewer processed and canned foods and more fresh foods.
  3. Stop Smoking: Smokers have more chance of becoming a patient of high blood pressure because nicotine in the cigarettes shrinks your vessels. Quitting smoking, not only controls your high blood pressure, but has several other benefits for you.
  4. Stop Drinking: Now a days drinking has become a fashion which is causing high blood pressure. Drinking is affecting the men and women in the same manner.
  5. Beat stress: Stress increases the pressure in your blood vessels. Managing stress helps you in controlling your blood pressure. For beating the stress, you can do yoga or start a hobby to keep your mind from the stressful topic.
  6. Eat vegetables and fruits: Fruits and vegetables can keep you away from many diseases in which one is high blood pressure. Consume lots of vegetables and fruits in which potassium, magnesium and calcium are in excess.

These are some important ways by which you can control your high blood pressure.

About Asma Anwar

Asma Anwar is a student of BS Psychology at the Unviersity of Management and Technology.

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