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How to be victorious in life: 6 ways to build resilience

How to be victorious in life: 6 ways to build resilience

Life is a combination of losses and wins. We all face difficult situations in lives; few come out victorious while others don’t. What differentiate the winners from losers? Have you ever thought about this? Resilience is the crucial difference between winners and losers. It is not that winners do not fail; it is that they always retreat from letdowns. Resilience is no doubt the major ingredient of success and for living a successful life you need to bounce back the failures and build resilience.


Following are six tips on building resilience:

1.      Have a strong mission

Failure is a power that puts you down. For countering it, you must possess a force that pulls you up. A strong mission can become such force. In failure situations, focusing on your mission will ignite a fire inside you. This will keep you moving forward. So recognize your mission that you are passionate about.

2.      Be Positive

You must perceive failure positively to be resilient. Instead of seeing it as a hurdle, see it as stepping stone towards success and learning new experiences. You may lose the battles but your focus should be on winning the wars.

3.      Stay connected to positive people

It is tough to bounce back from failures if everyone around you is negative. Surround yourself with positive people. Be around people who lift you up instead of dragging you down.

4.      Take time to recover.

Don’t be hard on yourself after experiencing failure. Give yourself time to recover and take time to learn the lessons and learn how to do better next time.

5.      Be a fighter

For being resilient, you must be having the attitude of a warrior. Be passionate to fight a great fight.

6.      Read the stories of great people

Always read the stories of great people that have succeeded in spite of a hardship, not in lack of it. This will truly inspire you to be resilient and patient.

These tips are best to build resilience and win in life. But for sure there are still other ways to be resilient. So let me inquire you: how to be resilient?

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