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Ideal work environment for software engineers

Ideal work environment for software engineers

Employers usually discuss employees’ productivity and evaluate their performance by their skills and work even their behavior to interacting people. But never did any employer define their role that how much they are efficient in providing the basic facilities to such employer that engage in brain storming.

Software engineers are the ones who totally earn with their mind and intelligence. Their work is sensitive and it needs a peaceful environment.

Software engineers often talk about many things that they want in their surroundings to work well.

From Surrounding:

  • “Hard work Pays off”, need a return for the hard work they do.
  • Noiseless environment.
  • Separate cuboids 8X8 for technical staff.
  • Chill AC in hot weather.
  • Fastest internet speed.
  • Access of fun related stuff and games that can play during work for relaxation and do work more energetically.
  • Ample amount of coffee and tea.
  • Easy and comfortable chairs.
  • Music can give software developer an environment to focus and work better. Web developers and graphic designers may also need music to focus on their creativity.
  • Fearless surrounding, independent to move in surrounding and communicate easily with team members.
  • View outside from front Glass is ideal for any developer that enhances their thinking capability.
  • Various researches about professions who engage with mind work say that the workers need to relax  for 10 minutes after 2 hours of continuous work.

Software Engineer needs from employer in term of their field:

  • Proper and clear communication from supervisors and human resource departments.
  • Switching in different Technologies after a year, No software engineer wants to work on same Project and same technology more than a year. They want to use new technology as they are launched in the market.
  • Appreciation from the employer. Every hard working person needs appreciation for their work. If he is not appreciated, then there is a chance that they will leave the company which can term as a big loss to the employer.
  • Every employee want flexible working hours.
  • Nobody likes to work with people that disrupt the peace of the office. Everybody enjoys working with people that are open to conversation and enjoy a bit of fun to take some of the stress off their minds.

About Shahnila Fahmi

I am a professional software engineer with 9 years of experience in the field. I graduated from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and am currently working with a leading software house in Karachi.

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