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Its Time to Make Those Bridges, Its Time to Break Those Barriers.

Its Time to Make Those Bridges, Its Time to Break Those Barriers.

So many faces, so few friends or perhaps none, how unfortunate! Imagine the type of lives we’d be leading had we broke the barriers that have kept us from engaging in conversations with people who we see, yet do not converse with. Imagine how big our friend pools would be, we’d never feel alone or lonely since we’d always find a friend, somewhere or the other and who knows maybe that person would have been in need for a friend perhaps a shoulder to lean on. Our lives would truly be more colorful and rich in quality.

Such instances of missing out on lives that could impact us fruitfully in so many ways is often lost, over a span of a lifetime by not taking that initiative to approach someone, in that split second, that potential friendship, life changing experience is lost. These instances are something school going, especially university going students understand vividly. Their respective institutions have student bodies in numbers of hundreds and thousands, yet in their years over time from their freshman year to graduation, they stay limited to a particular group of friends and don’t extend their friend circle, it’s the same 3-5 faces every day and then it’s back to home. Student bodies of hundreds and thousands yet friends with a handful of people, what a magnitude of enriching lives we miss out on, on a daily basis!

The students of SZABIST, with their project named “ZABridge” took this very barrier and came with an initiative that they divided into 3 days with 3 activities, to bridge this very gap to have new friendships unfold and to get know about the people and staff that are present around every other day yet you one does not engage with them thus miss out on a lot. Firstly they had activities on the thought of how carpooling not only solves the problem of days when one doesn’t have a ride to class but also allows friendships to unfold over the way, then they tried to bridge the gap between students and the administration and staff by appreciating them by planting plants to their names and having a cake cutting ceremony with the domestic staff to value their daily acts that make our life easy to their last but most fun activity where they engaged the students of different departments, in activities like that of Ludo, Tug of War, Hopscotch, Kho-Kho and their activity of “Take A Seat, Make A Friend” which truly served the purpose where two random students would sit in a pool of colorful plastic balls and engage in conversation to get to know one another and create cool things together like a “Secret Handshake”.

One can only imagine how lives would change if more people and students took this very initiative, forgot about all barriers and took that first step to engage, listen and be heard, took that very initiative to pass a friendly hello without thinking twice and got to know one another, it’s always that first step that matters, the rest of the friendship unfolds on its own with time. Let people in, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

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