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Karachi Violence effects Pakistan’s economy

Karachi Violence effects Pakistan’s economy

Karachi Violence effects Pakistan’s economy

Karachi that is also known as “roshnion ka shehr” holds a very important place due to its strategic location and an amazing population. Being home to country’s largest sea port, the city has established the reputation of being Pakistan’s industrial hub. Unfortunately for the past few years these poor residents of Karachi are living in a constant state of fear, due to the poor law and order situation. If a person leaves for work in the morning he doesn’t know that whether he will come back to his home, alive, or will be a target of some bullet coming from nowhere.

The fear of the public has lead to the weakening of the country’s economy. Karachi is the life line of Pakistan’s economic infrastructure. But investors have lost the confidence of investing here. Why would someone invest his capital in a place where there is so much uncertainty regarding human life.

Along with the government a heavy responsibility also lays upon the shoulders of the public i.e. whenever law breaking element are seen, they should be reported without any hesitation so that the beauty of the “Roshnion Ka Sheher” is restored.
Businesses, fuel stations, public transportation and schools are closed for many days due to mourning, Few industries can increase with such violence because workers cannot reach their jobs. The city was partly or completely closed three times in one week, and the continued strike-like situation has badly shaken industry.There is so much violence in the city that people are shifting their businesses to other cities.

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