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Lahore! The way it is!!!

Lahore! The way it is!!!

Lahore can be best described as a city that is just so wonderful, so very fabulous that every nook and corner of the city speaks of certain vibrancy, certain zeal, a spirit of life which cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

A well known city for its arts, architecture and history is associated with the dark side of Pakistan-terrorists, bomb blasts, poverty and lack of education. Many of us decide to live a safe life someplace abroad than here because they never know when the next bomb is going to drop. People are not secure here but at the end of the day, it is still home for us. Despite all the hardships we face, there are a lot of things you could only find here.

People rarely look beyond the dark side of Lahore; they are not able to see the humour in everyday things that take place in this city which make it so unique. But most vividly, the Great Spirit is visible in the people of Lahore, the Zinda Dilan-e-Lahore.

Driving around in the city, you will see hilarious advice pasted behind the rickshaws such as “Ye mere baap ka paisa aur meri maa ki dua hai” which translates as “I am driving because of my father’s money and my mother’s blessings. These words will leave you in tears. There is an old saying, that in every Lahori , there is a Mughal Prince.

Only in Lahore will you see those without air conditioned houses to retreat into, truly enjoying the essence of a hot Pakistani summer by taking a dip in the Canal that runs in between the main Canal Road.

It is a city where most of people seem to be riding the metro bus for entertainment rather than transport purpose.

The people of Lahore, when they want to emphasize the uniqueness of their city say:

“Lahore, Lahore ae”.

These are the truths about my homeland Lahore.

About Faiza Anum

Faiza is a student of BS Mass Communication from University of Sargodha , Lahore campus.

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