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Lets Breakup Stress in The Just Half Hour!!!

Lets Breakup Stress in The Just Half Hour!!!

In this materialistic world, everyone turns a victim of stress, whether he is a kid, adolescent, adult or old-age but students are the worst victim of stress. Now a day, the student is forced to start his career along with their studies. They also pressurized by their parents to show more beneficial resolution than their other fellow relatives. Every parent desires to see their children successful in their fields. Along with the parents, teachers also put strain on the students. Students also experience stress when he/she didn’t receive good scores in spite of his attempts.

Sometimes, students feel that much stress that they will not able to solve  the easy problems of their textbook. At this point some students begin believing that they have no abilities and there is no room for them to vie with others. They consider themselves unworthy. Simply it is the improper path. They can release themselves from stress in just half hour by acting upon the succeeding steps.

Stop! ( Five minutes)

When you don’t see any way of solving your problem, you should give up immediately and close all the books in front of you. Stand up and drink one glass of water.

Sit silently (ten minutes)

After drinking water, you should go to that place in your home where you can feel no disturbance of any person. In that situation, you should sit silently and close your eyes. And so take deep breathes and think of one of the happiest moment from your past.

Feel worthy (Five minutes)

By sitting silently, you should start to feel that you have a lot of abilities due to which you reach at this level of your studies.

Share with others (Ten minutes)

After becoming energetic and determined, you should share your problem with that person who is able to give you some alternatives of the solution.


After all these steps, bug out your work with a new idea and alternative solutions. Now everything seems to be easy for you.

About Asma Anwar

Asma Anwar is a student of BS Psychology at the Unviersity of Management and Technology.

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