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Life … A Continuous Struggle

Life … A Continuous Struggle

Everyday a new sun rises and sets. There is no mission of life. Just earn money, eat drink and marry. Every day a day of life ends up, then a month and then years ends up. We celebrate birthday and starts a new year of life. In childhood it was compulsory to go to school regularly. The aim was to pass the class. When grow up and started to go to college. There was no restriction of regularity. The aim was to get the degree. Then degree was achieved. Then went to university and became more liberal, now getting master’s degree in one or two subjects. The aim was to get a good job then got married and after children, family was complete.

The purpose of life was to get education, degree, and job. We get education to get a good job and a happy married life. Childhood, youth and old age are three stages of life. Finally death time reaches. Garage is full of luxury cars, relatives are all around but what is purpose of life??? He got everything in life of what he wished for. But my question is still there that is this the purpose of life?

Who cares that, the dead person after spending his whole life in a continuous struggle was a successful person or unsuccessful. After this long struggle of life what do you think his grave will be a garden of flowers? This struggle will make his day of judgment easy for him or not ?Will his materialistic approach help him in grave and in front of Allah ?If you think yes , then its ok but if no then it’s time to think …I need the guideline from every reader that what is the actual purpose of life? Why Allah created the human being. Why He sent him as His messenger. He took responsibility of his ‘Rizaq’.He is the only one to give honor or insult. So it’s time to ponder that why He created us. What was reason behind it? (WO jisay chahta hai izzat deta hai jisay chahta hai zillat deta hai).

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