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Live within the boundaries of your budget

Live within the boundaries of your budget

Now days in a materialistic world, everyone wants to go ahead in the race of life. Adult females are specially became a victim of this race because of their jealousy with other. They want to show themselves superior to others. Like if her acquaintance or relative buy new set of sofas, then she will also buy new one by selling her late one which she bought 6 months ago. I think this is the wrong attitude. We should spend that money which our budget allows us. Don’t waste money for just maintain your superiority due to your emotions of jealousy. You should consider some important ways before reaching your budget by which you can keep your superiority along with your budget. Here are ten most important tips to control your budget.

  • Control your dependence on technology:

Advancing technology attracts teenagers, adults and young individuals. Not only boys, the women also involved, in this technology attraction day by day. Whenever your kids see the iPhone, iPod, tablets, mp3 and laptops, etc. they start demanding these technological things by their obduracy or emotional trapping their parent. At the last parent unwillingly or to show their children superior than others fulfill their demands due to which budget goes out of control from your hand. Parents should change their attitude towards their children. They should provide hem essential technological things. They should also educate them that, their full dependence on technology will destroy your natural abilities.

  • Limit your attraction towards fashion trends:

It is in nature of women that they want to explore themselves by adopting different fashion styles. Women believe that wearing latest and branded things are the sole manner by which they can prove to others themselves beautiful, innovative and stylish. For this purpose, women waste a great deal of money, which was made by their males. Here we give birth to shift the thinking of these adult females to explore your natural beauty instead of banking on the artificial things because simplicity is the stunner.

  • Giving priority to basic demands in your budget:

Giving priority to the extra things in your budget will makes you worry about how to meet your basic needs within the budget. Therefore, you should prioritize important things like bills, food, children fees, clothes and etc. in your budget.

  • Keep up your health by natural ways:

In our society, a great deal of money is wasted in buying expensive junk foods. We are well known about the poor hygienic conditions of these junk foods. A double quantity of money is spent on our health issues after eating the junk foods. This thing increase pressure on our budget. So, women should make junk foods at home. This thing not only keeps you and your family healthy also keeps your budget in your hands.

  • Sweep over the factor of Showoff: 

Showing off factor is more common amongst women. They exercise this to keep their social value, high among the other relatives by way of spending extraordinary money. Women should avoid this habit of showing off. It is unethical and also puts pressure on your budget.

  • Savings:

During making a budget, there should be enough flexibility that allows you to save some money. This money will be practiced in the future when you need money to defend your budget.

  • Check and balance:

At the end of the month, you should check the money, which is used and your income. It is useful for progressing to the budget of next month. In this mode, you can alter your budget accordingly your expenses.

  • Mutual cooperation in increasing income: 

Nowadays, women should participate in increasing the income so that they can maintain their budgets. Otherwise, they will be hardship and worries about controlling the budget.


About Asma Anwar

Asma Anwar is a student of BS Psychology at the Unviersity of Management and Technology.

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