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Memory or RAM Scraping Malware

Memory or RAM Scraping Malware

RAM Scrapping Attack is a very dangerous attack that scraps memory to read important secure Data from memory. It reads Credit card Information from browser prior processing. It captures data from RAM. This useful Information keep secure data encrypted but memory scraping malware keep eye on weak areas to read the Data however.

A RAM Scraper is a piece of malware designed to scrap valuable Information like Credit card , Pin and other valuable information .It is never detected on the server. The scraper dumps data into dumper.dll in window system subdirectory where it waited for retrieval by the scraper’s owner who has back door access. RAM scrapper enters into the system that is not protected sufficiently. Ram scrapper are also using innocuous file extensions, and attaching themselves to legitimate processes and services.

It is very hard to process encrypted data. If you want to process Data you need to decrypt it so Bad Guys take advantage of it. In very simple words Scraping memory mean scanning memory of the running web server while the page or Data is in process and extract data while it is in processed (in unencrypted state).

Goudie said that how easy it is to farm credit card numbers, this is just one application of how RAM scraping could be used. Any type of Information like name, emails phone number that can be search over internet can be pulled out easily by Ram scraper.

RAM scrapers scour the Credit card Data when it is kept on server as clear, it is uploaded to the server which later on theft by the hackers.

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  1. Do you know any software from which we can test this methodologies that in real how much it can do .

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