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Remembering Jinnah

Remembering Jinnah

Jinnah-A man who stood like an iron wall in front of so many gigantic powers to make sure that we all get a place where we can practice our religion, our values, customs beliefs and norms autonomously.

Yes Jinnah, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the leader, the man of his words and even rivals stated ‘Jinnah is Incorruptible and Brave (Gandhi)’, wanted a country for Muslims where they live in peace, where there is no racial discrimination, no bloodshed in the name of religion or even on the basis of group discrimination. The name of that country was Pakistan.

After so many years when I see today’s Pakistan, I feel ashamed and regretful. So many people would have been around him for justice with tears in their eyes and stories all around.

Dear Jinnah, Shehzeb Khan, Hamza Ilahi and Hamza Ahmed are the youngsters murdered just based upon the feudal system and supremacy rules in our society. These are those cases which captured the media attention somehow and showed us the dark side of the picture. Even after the so called justice, their killers haven’t faced what the families of these young men faced every day.

The daily target killings in Karachi, the killings on the basis of sectarian violence, the routine blasts are no more terrifying for us.The war in Waziristan, drone attacks and bloodshed everywhere.

Dear Jinnah, this is what I have to tell and show you today. The young ones have fear in their eyes, adolescents have rage and anger and the old ones just regret remembering past. This is what we all are going through. We don’t have a leader like you today and no doubt we are not that nation that said yes on your call. We are the mute slaves in a so called independent country. Slaves of our own benefits, our own rules, inner feudal lords and slaves of those who never wanted Pakistan to appear on the world map.

I can’t represent those who lost their beloved in  tribal areas and Waziristan due to drone attacks, I can just express my grief through my words, the people ruthlessly killed by mistake by the ostensible super power today question about what they did. If you ask me why, I don’t have any answer to this bloodshed. No one has.

Dear Jinnah, all our resources are being spent on war against terrorism and extremism. It is not Jinnah’s Pakistan. It is not the Pakistan of the Muslims and their dreams. Can a Muslim kill innocent men, women and children? Can a religion which states that the killing of a single individual is the killing of humanity lead to such enormous carnage? Definitely no.

Pakistan is depicted as a country of terrorists, feudal lords, ruthless target killers, politicians cum gamers, people with dual faces, people who are neither patriot, nor Muslims I am even ashamed to call them humans.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a leader who served humanity. Most prominent leaders of the world praised him regarding his vision, views and ideas of an Islamic state as Nelson Mandela stated “Ali Jinnah is a constant source of inspiration for all those who are fighting against racial or group discrimination”.

In remembrance of Jinnah, if I could do something it was to think what is my role in the society as  a Muslim and as a human, its your turn to think about the flaws, the mistakes you have done, what is your part being an ordinary person of the society or being a lawyer, politician, student, friend or any other. I believe that the hardest things in life are the most worth doing at times. Today it’s the confession that I made in front of our beloved leader.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, our great leader we are sorry but I am hopeful that one day there will be no more tears in the eyes of the mothers. Mothers who have buried young sons like Shahezeb and Hamza and no fathers will be fearful to call for justice as  the fathers of many who had been threatened for seeking justice. No more killings in the name  of religion, terrorism or extremism. We are not slaves, we have to unchain ourselves and only we  can set ourselves free.

No more bloodshed is my message on Jinnah day.

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