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Money, Money, Money my friend

Money, Money, Money my friend

Humans were born with emotions, man was previously a bag filled with feelings, feelings of every type feeling of happiness, feeling of sadness, feeling of pain and sorrow, feeling of Judgment and many more. As the time passes this bag start getting holed, holes of greed, hole of lust, hole of getting more and more satisfaction drained out all natural feelings. Materialism and ecstasy of worldly goods became only source of happiness.

Items that make your life more and more comfortable can only be purchased by money. I definitely understand how money could be seen as the key to happiness. Money helps you get plenty of things. People who can’t afford to do certain things might never have the chance to change their lives. It can take you places like college, other countries, and to new experiences. You might even find friends and someone who cares about you, someone you wouldn’t have met in any other circumstance. Money is important yes in my opinion money is very important for survival for living for adopting a lavish life style. Without money you can’t afford things that would make you happy.

I’m quite sure I’ve met more poor and sad people than rich and sad people. Money is what really matters today. Everyday people work day and night to earn money and some even lose their health and comfort for earning more and more. This is what our society has become, materialistic and trying to get an extra ordinary lifestyle.

I don’t think world contains people who do not want to grow, who do not want to live in supreme comfort. Is there anyone who is happy and satisfied without a personal home or a car, without money without any acquisitive life. In my opinion no one is like that. This world is a mixture of people possessing different natures, having different school of thoughts but living for only one purpose, for survival, to breathe to grow to spent life with its meaning. Life is given to be enjoyed to praise to explore to practice emotions and feelings, life is given to live. All these practices can only be accomplished through money. Money is the only way of survival, good or bad survival, money is involved in all sort of life styles.

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Ammarah Ahsen
Words are ultimate source of describing and expressing yourself. Ammarah Ahsen is a content writer who expresses possessions with the help of facts, values and initiatives. She is working as a content writer for last 1 year with the aim of providing good quality content. She joined ePakistan to ensure good quality of content.

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  1. Ammarah i guess money is the source of all but i think if humans have pure heartn trust in Allah then u will get comfort.
    Nice thinking Ammarah yeah true people consider money for their survival

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