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Online FIR System in KPK

Online FIR System in KPK

PESHAWAR – The online FIR registration in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police is receiving tremendous response from public.  In this connection, a complainant from Lahore not only succeeded in registering online FIR but the local police also managed to arrest the nominated accused in a post FIR registration action.
As per details, a complainant namely Qaiser Ali, resident of MA Johar Town Lahore, not only got register his FIR through online system but the Nathia Gali police (Abbottabad) also arrested the nominated accused Aftab in follow up action.
Later on, the relatives of the accused called the complainant in Lahore through telephone. They apologised regarding the guilt of Aftab.  The complainant in respect of the holy month of Ramazan pardoned the accused and requested the police that further action against him may be dropped.
The complainant highly appreciated the immediate action and online FIR system of the KPK Police and termed it a milestone in modern policing and a right step towards redressal of public grievances.

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    Great Start by the new Government in KPK

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