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Oversleeping and its Causes

Oversleeping and its Causes

A good night’s sleep is essential for health. But oversleeping has been linked to a host of medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and increased risk of death.

Oversleeping is caused by two major factors i-e depression and low socio-economic status.These two factors  are strongly associated with oversleeping. Those two factors may be the reason for the observed negative health effects. For example, people of lower socio-economic status may have less access to health care and therefore more undiagnosed illnesses, such as heart disease, which leads to death of a person. The amount of sleep you need varies significantly over the course of your lifetime. It depends on your age and activity level as well as your general health and lifestyle habits. For instance, during periods of stress or illness, you may feel an increased need for sleep. But although sleep needs differ over time and from person to person, experts typically recommend that adults should sleep between seven and nine hours each night.

Why people Sleep Too Much?

There are few reasons why people sleep too much such as:

  1. Hypersomnia (excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is actually a medical disorder. The condition causes people to suffer from extreme sleepiness throughout the day, which is not usually relieved by sleeping. It also causes them to sleep for unusually long periods of time at night. Many people with hypersomnia experience symptoms of anxiety, low energy, and memory problems as a result of their almost constant need for sleep.
  2. Obstructive sleep apnoea (a disorder that causes people to stop breathing momentarily during sleep) can also lead to an increased need for sleep. That’s because it disrupts the normal sleep cycle.

Of course, not everyone who oversleeps has a sleep disorder. Other possible causes of oversleeping include the use of certain substances, such as alcohol and some prescription medications. Other medical conditions, including depression, can cause people to oversleep. And then there are people who simply want to sleep a lot.

Medical disorders caused by Oversleeping:

Oversleeping leads to medical disorders some of them are listed below:

  1. Diabetes Studies have shown that sleeping too long or not enough each night can increase the risk for diabetes.
  2. Obesity Sleeping too much or too little could make you weigh too much, as well.
  3. Headaches For some people prone to headaches, sleeping longer than usual on a weekend or vacation can cause headache. Researchers believe this is due to the effect of oversleeping. People who sleep too much during the day and disrupt their night time sleep may also find themselves suffering from headaches in the morning.

Steps to stop Oversleeping

  1. Tell yourself that you will wake up on time.
  2. Find a reason to get up on time every day.
  3. Reduce your level of hours spent sleeping gradually.
  4. Don’t overwork yourself:Take short breaks while working and go outside for fresh air if you feel yourself sleepy and tired.
  5. During the day, take 20 minutes sleep if possible.
  6. Exercise.

Follow the steps above to avoid oversleeping and if you still feel sleepy and tired consult your doctor and take medicine properly as oversleeping is very dangerous for health.

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