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Pakistan cricket poor show: It’s time to revamp

Pakistan cricket poor show: It’s time to revamp

The Pakistan cricket team is often dubbed as unpredictable by the cricket experts. We have got in to habit of watching interesting cricket matches with no idea whatsoever of how our players are going to perform on the field till the last second.

However; scenarios are changing rapidly with the passage of time, leading to a fading level of unpredictability. Now for many, there is only on predictable result of every cricket match and that is loss.

It was a real despair to watch the humiliating defeat of Pakistan in its home series against the Proteas. The team maintained the poor history of not winning a single bilateral series against Proteas till date.

Strange as you may call it, but for a Pakistani cricket fan it’s a drastic news to see Pakistan batting second. Batting second is a confirm loss recipe for Pakistan and can be established from all the losses in recent one day International matches. So if Pakistan is asked to bowl first, the competitors are already half way done. Just set a handsome target and watch the Pakistanis hand over the entire match to the opposition.

It has become really tough to comment on team’s performance considering the fact that there is availability of brilliant talent in the team.  For me, it is simply the lack of urge and the strategy that is giving Pakistan a huge setback. The Cricket Board must bring some grass root level changes to make things go in favour of Pakistan.

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