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Pakistan Makes Drones Too

Pakistan Makes Drones Too

What is a UAV (or ‘drone’ as lots of people call it)? An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or UAV for short, is an aerial vehicle that is controlled either from a remote location or is completely automated. In other words, it is an aircraft without a pilot. Not many people know this, but there are actually drones are locally manufactured in Pakistan.

Of course, Pakistan, as a country is usually on the receiving side of drone attacks. This is probably the main reason the general public views that as some sort of murderous automated killing machine, however Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are so much more than that. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have been used to analyze calamity-stricken areas and transport vaccines and medicines to people in accessible regions of the globe. In addition they are also used for conducting geophysical surveys and the exploration of oil, gas and minerals. Other uses of unmanned aerial vehicles include remote sensing and scientific research.

The Pakistan Army unveiled two unmanned aerial vehicles, called Burraq and Shahpar, in November 2013. Of course, these drones aren’t actually armed but they can still be used to aerial surveillance. In addition, there is actually a Karachi-based private Pakistani drone manufacturing company called Integrated Dynamics. According to their website, “Integrated Dynamics is a full supply source for everything you need to get a UAV/RPV project in the air including Platforms, Flight control systems, C4I systems, Data links, Payloads, Ground Support Equipment, We also provide a full line of accessories such as Ground Support Equipment (GSE), APU’s, Starters, Battery management systems, and Launch and Recovery systems. Also offered are UAV Pilot and System training programs.”

Integrated Dynamics provides UAV systems that are designed for electronic news gathering, police surveillance, border and coastal patrol. Raja Sabri Khan, the founder of Integrated Dynamics, gave an interesting talk at the TEDxKarachi conference in 2011, in which he told his life’s story, his passion for aircraft and his ambitions. It is definitely a must-watch.


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