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Pakistan: The country under scourge

Pakistan: The country under scourge

Pakistan has been confronting daunting challenges since its creation in 1947.In world politics and emerging dynamics at global level, Pakistan has somehow failed to obtain an enviable reputation. Albeit, it’s literal symbolization as “Land of the Pure”, Pakistan comprehends a very little reference to such meaning. Ironically, Pakistan has attained the status of an unstable fractured state with pockets controlled by multiple elements. Under such paralyzed conditions, Pakistan is deeply overwhelmed by severe consequences that need both attention and action.
Amidst an avalanche of misfortunes, extremism is one of the gravest disasters that have distorted the sovereignty of our homeland. Unfortunately, Pakistan had fell prey to extremists who have been successful in manipulating youth through their fanatically designed propaganda.
In a recent conversation with Ahmed Rashid, a renowned author, he expressed his views on the ongoing verge of global terrorism. According to him, terrorism is a like a nightmare to the people of Pakistan, but it lacks a proper status as a subject of specialization in Pakistani curriculum. He further argued, that the point of failure is due to our negligence in forming a clear cut, conceptual and a united narrative against extremism. He stressed that the most perilous enemy of today is not external but within us, as he quoted that “Kiyani took 10 years to say we have an internal threat.” In concluding remarks, he asserted that “the debate is pathetic, whether to fight or negotiate“, he opined that unless the system of brainwashing is not brought to a halt, the jihad factories would continue manufacturing Fidayeen(suicide bombers) for their self-constituted Islamic war.

Realistically, the seminary culture that was once designed by Zia with Saudi and American funds has succeeded to the utmost point, building strongholds at grass root levels, covering towns and neighborhoods of every city and village. This is something unceasingly violent we have in Pakistan, where religion is the most favorite reason to kill. It is what happened in February 2012 Kohistan Shia Massacre, with Hazaras in Quetta, with Christians in Peshawar, with Sunnis in Milad-e-Nabi and is an everyday story of Pakistan. Sorrowfully, the democratic and judicial system has failed to prosecute those who are responsible for such heinous crimes, yet they are being provided safe havens. Who will deny the astounding confidence of militants when they promulgated an assault on DI Khan jail and managed to free over 250 militants? Despite all this, is it right to give the militants a chance so that they can again play soccer with the decapitated heads of Pakistani soldiers.

We want to give peace a chance!

What is Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan? It is an organization of pessimistic idealists fighting against infidels for a global cause of imposing their own version of Islam, according to which they can rape the infidel women, slave their children, kill their men, excrete modern educational system, demolish social and political values, and abhorrently suppress the freedom of all the people.
Ironically, we ask for peace from those who probably haven’t heard this word before, but why should we be shameful for carrying out our obligate duty-nonetheless we are a sovereign state, but does the so called sovereignty really matters when we “do as they say not as they do.” Taliban or better to say them “students of faith”, with long hairs and scruffy beards, brandishing riffles, holding knifes, raising slogans of “Allah hu Akbar“, while beheading people are our own disenfranchised folks. Decades ago, they were dear to all of us but now how can they be so cruel, for whom they work and with whose support? Creating a mockery of state’s sovereignty, it’s a tremendous fact that our political elites profess double standard policies like running with the hare and hunting with the hound- where their own interests are secured and public is left over wondering in fool’s paradise. This is the reason that the suffering families not ready to bargain the blood of their martyrs never get justice. They are always obsessed to silence by authoritarian politicians.

Reflection of our own actions!

“As you sow, so shall you reap?” We have to admit that what we are facing today is due to our own faults. We created the militants, and used them as a tool for our foreign policy objectives. We haven’t had leaders who can lead from the front. Neither the previous nor the current government has taken terrorism issue seriously. Such impotence of security apparatus, lack of political wisdom, inefficiency of judicial system, and extra legal actions by state actors can be depicted when not a single convicted terrorist was punished in the previous democratic era setting a precedent for the current incumbency to follow. Despite, being under the pledge of allegiance as representatives of the state of Pakistan, these politicians provide sanctuary to their affiliated non state actors, just to keep up their leverage amongst rivalries. In words of Lord Acton “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It is a dilemma that we have found out to zip our tongues when no other speak truth-we fold our eyes when it is necessary to find out-we block our ears when someone shouts out for aid and justice. This is our reflection in the mirror of reality. The future of Pakistan hinges on its present. If such circumstances remain unabated, what kind of Pakistan the next generation will live in.

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Naad-e-Ali is an undergraduate student of International Relations in University of Management & Technology.

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