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Pakistani cinemas more of cultural centers

Pakistani cinemas more of cultural centers

In today’s world cinemas hold much significance in a society mostly because it gives the people the environment and incentive to get entertained largely because of the use of advance 3D technology and high definition projection screens that has a captivating effect on people. A large faction of people in society are seen heading to cinemas for their own respective purposes that include avoid being a hermit, to enter the new folds of modernization, displacement of hardships and pressures in life, to be a part of cool movie gossips circulating the society. But have we pondered that how cinemas has increasingly penetrated and made sneaky entry into our cultural norms which are our identity. Every now and then we see how the cinemas have bombarded the audience with latest movies in an appealing and exaggerated manner. And the audience is consciously and unconsciously taking the effects of these movies unaware that they are buying foreign cultural logos and introducing them in our society by ways of identifying themselves with the movie characters, drawing inspiration from the scenarios that are presented and inferring ways aiding in pursuit of a happy life. Thereby our lifestyles, preferences, tastes and ways of interacting with society have changed. The cinemas of Pakistan are the good index of foreign culture and the main reason behind it is that they partake of the stuff of cultural life. The owners of the cinemas are much eager to get their hands on latest English and Indian movies than Pakistani movies which are rare ,for they have a know how that they have frequent cinema attendees helping them in generating larger incomes for them. We feel privileged and say with pride when we somehow manage to be a part of the premier show as it is something crucial that we would be missing out in our lives. And then we do not hesitate in fixing the borrowed customs, sumptuous living styles and ideas manifested through large movie screens for the suitability of our living.

Pakistani cinemas are more focused towards income aspects and are mostly targeting the elite class with higher ticket purchasing powers and do not bother to allocate time slots to show Pakistani movies that were once the beauty of Pakistani cinemas such as Armaan , Dosti  etc which help in revitalizing and reminding the essence of  Pakistani culture. When cinemas are used for brand promotions purposes then why not they can be used for cultural promotion purposes. It would serve as an incentive to our present generation to be well acquainted with our culture norms. Movies like Bol and Waar do create a buzz in Pakistani cinema markets once or twice in a year but even these movies were seen by the cultural critics as giving an exaggerated false picture of Pakistani culture emphasizing on abuse of women, homeless children and widespread terrorism. The frequent screening of western and Indian movies by cinema houses has made cinemas their cultural mirror. As a result westernized trends and Indian rituals and culture have so deeply intruded into our culture that the social values and Islamic values in our society have faded away. Indian movies like Kahani and Barfi are tapping the culture of Bengal. Whereas Hollywood movies like Gatsby with much colors and glitters are giving vivid description to the local audience of their own uplifted standards of society and luxurious living styles

Going to cinemas is good for rejoicing. It is fun to watch movie scenes with ecstatic movie fans but we should not adopt the foreign culture exhibited through films in our local society and should be incisive in protecting our culture. The cinemas also need to be sensitive to cultural issues when deciding on screening of different movies.

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