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Passion of self finance in Pakistani ladies

Passion of self finance in Pakistani ladies

Passion of earning money to survive without help of anyone and to be independent in financial matters is appreciable in Pakistan ladies. It is noticed that Pakistani people don’t like their women to work at their own and to be independent like men.

Women earn to achieve their happiness and buy things according to their need. In some cases Pakistani woman don’t earn money to run their kitchen but their purpose is to fulfill their dreams , wear Latest fashion and branded garments or to be an elegant and  fashionable lady around their circle.

In comparison, ladies who ask money from their fathers and husbands have a different condition than those who are professionals and work to accelerate their career. Professional women highlight themselves as bold, intelligent and useful citizens who are equal to men. They work hard, shoulder to shoulder with men to get respect and get the feeling of being a productive citizen of the society and of course earn money for their needs.

It is a dilemma in Pakistani society is that a male candidate is preferred for the job and women have few quotas in job vacancies in Pakistan. In some ways our society has allocated certain departments to women, like marketing, customer support, brand management, reception and front desk. To me it looks more like gender discrimination.

Almost all jobs that require public dealing need attractive personnel. This is why our society has dedicated these jobs or women because their looks matter. But women are not just for public dealing jobs, they can perform very well under stress and have excelled in industries like software development. Pakistan has proved its might in the IT industry and it still needs skillful and intelligent individuals regardless of gender. Unlike popular belief, women love to work in the IT industry, not in the public dealing but in the backend developing and designing departments.

Common observation shows that those ladies who earn to meet their needs never get frustrated from their lives because they get a vision to step ahead. They get self-respect because they are independent and not a liability for their family. They wear fashionable garments, they have attractive and fashionable look, they have career, they are running businesses and they are useful part of our society.

Self-financing in women is growing in Pakistan with the passage of time. More and more women are coming into business and professional life to make better use of their time and to fulfill their dreams. Employers in Pakistan are also getting aware of this and are now looking for flexible, honest and professional women in all industries.

About Shahnila Fahmi

I am a professional software engineer with 9 years of experience in the field. I graduated from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and am currently working with a leading software house in Karachi.

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