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PCB elections and hopes

PCB elections and hopes

By Afzal Javed, WEEKLY PULSE MAGAZINE, October 28, 2013

After a long battle on the constitutional role and power of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, the Islamabad High Court has directed Pakistan’s election commission to hold the election for a new PCB chairman by November 2.

federal government was appointed country’s famous journalist Najam Sethi as caretaker PCB chairman to run the cricket affairs after the suspension of Zaka Ashraf. Sethi’s problems have increased after the SHC’s order as the Islamabad High Court has already ordered him hold elections within 90 days of Ashraf’s suspension.

The court was hearing an appeal on a case of alleged contempt against Najam Sethi, who according to the petitioner had failed to comply with the order to conduct elections by the previous deadline. The PCB argued that the election commission had refused to hold the board elections despite repeated correspondence, and that the electoral collage was incomplete because of various legal problems with regional cricket associations. The court, however, has now ordered the election to be held irrespective of other issues.

If we saw the tenure of sacked chairman Zaka Ashraf as chairman PCB, he is failed for the revival of international cricket in the country despite he have full government support but Ashraf failed to bring foreign teams to Pakistan.

The Prime Minister and new patron of the PCB, Nawaz Sharif has also dissolved the governing board of the PCB, and formed a five-member interim management committee (IMC) including the PCB’s acting chairman Najam Sethi‚ former chairman Shahryar Khan, former players Zaheer Abbas and Haroon Rasheed, former team manager Naved Cheema to run cricket in the country.

The IMC was directed by Sharif to elect one of its members as chairman, and the committee unanimously chose Sethi, who has been acting as caretaker chairman since July and will represent Pakistan at the ICC board meeting in London.

“The patron of PCB, the prime minister of Pakistan, has been pleased to direct the following: 1. Paragraph Section 41 of PCB constitution has been amended [implemented] and under the said paragraphs the board has been superseded,” the PCB said in a release. “An interim management committee has been constituted to ensure that PCB remains enabled to continue to perform day-to-day domestic and international functions for the promotion of the game and in line with the directions of the court.”

The new IMC, as one board official confirmed, is essentially a new name for an old method: run by ad-hoc. This is the sixth time the Pakistan board has resorted to being run ad-hoc, one of those instances being between 1999 and 2007.

The dissolution is the outcome of an issue that began with the Islamabad High Court’s judgement on a constitutional writ petition challenging the election of the previous PCB chairman, Zaka Ashraf, who was then suspended and replaced temporarily by Sethi for a 90-day term. When Sethi, a senior journalist and former caretaker chief minister of Punjab, had his powers curtailed, the court had also set a deadline of October 18 for the PCB to hold fresh elections for chairman. But the PCB wasn’t able to comply with the deadline.

Revival of cricket in Pakistan is so important for the cricket lover cricket on the whole, it is so sad to see that they are unable to host home matches and their adoring and cricket loving fans are made to suffer due to circumstances beyond their control. But they must not be taken for granted and deserve the utmost respect as a test playing nation and the ICC as well as other governing bodies in the sport must ensure and maintain that their players are treated as the professionals they are.

the order of Islamabad High Court to conduct the elections of PCB chairman is the good sign for the better future of the cricket as any else elected the new chairman of the board will show his best for the revival of international cricket and we are hoping that this time government top officials will also play their positive role to open the doors of international cricket.

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