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Review of Eggventure; Pakistan’s first iOS game

Review of Eggventure; Pakistan’s first iOS game

Eggventure is the first iOS Pakistani game. This is dynamically created for kids and youngsters, who want to play entertaining and challenging games. This is the best arcade game among all games of similar type. Lots of compatibilities are added in this game that gives player an ultimate entertainment and joy.

Eggventure contains both simple and complicated stages, each level of game has its own significance and player need to achieve different goals at every level. All levels of game are designed according to physics measurements and programmed to give scientific hurdles to player for clearance.

All characters in eggventure are cute and active, enemies and Eggward is the main character that covers all stages on player’s commands. For these adventurous characters almost 16 costumes are set by default and players can choose from them by their own choices.

Following are the features of Eggventure


 -Fun Story Line which is tracked to go on continuously till end

-More than 3, hand painted environments, which enhance visual beauty of game and different scenes

-Each level has its own physics based gameplay, challenges & enemy types which make players get completely involve in game

-High Score elements to challenge friends and being popular among them

-4 Player Cross Device Multiplayer (CO-OP & versus), this feature provides more than one player play game at a time. You can invite your friend or sibling to have fun with you

-More than 150 missions to complete, big way to get pleasure

-Around 16 Costumes (Super Suites with special abilities), player can choose any of 16 costume according to choice and need

-4 Upgradable Power-ups (Rain, Thunder, Slow-Mo, Shield), allows players to enjoy variety and help in tackling hurdles

How to get Eggventure

Eggventure is totally free and can be taken from itune store, it can be easily run and played in iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Special edition for iphone 5 has been launched and can be downloaded by visiting same app address.


 you can also visit and know more about this game by clicking Facebook page


 here are some screenshots of Eggventure

eggventure 2eggventure

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