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Snail’s pace recruitment process of PSC

Snail’s pace recruitment process of PSC

Many of you have an aim of getting a government job either federal government or provincial and become a civil servant after earning university degree. You do not go for private and abroad jobs for it is deemed prestigious to be a government servant.

So you start applying for different posts as published by the public service commission and causing the government to generate revenue as you deposit prescribed amount of fee for each application with the hope of being called for test / interview soon.

Provincial Public Service commission is vested with the responsibility of making direct recruitment for various posts under the government of province. But the commission is too busy advertising new positions that it almost forgets to short list candidates and announce date of test / interview for positions advertised earlier. And when it feels like doing so, it announces date of test / interview of the position advertised last year. It really makes you wonder if all candidates would be able to appear for exam / interview as many of them may have got out station jobs, may have gone abroad, may have got professional commitments thus keeping them to appear or out of frustration and annoyance many have said goodbye to government job for making them wait for so long.

It can also happen that you apply for a position with the hope and motivation. You really like a position and department and you are looking forward to the test you would be appearing for. The days are passing and you are waiting and preparing for the prospective test or interview as you have no idea if they are going to hold test or direct interview. And then after five months you read the advertisement of that position with partial modification. And the modification is about the increase of number of posts from 2 to 7. Now you are left with one question. Does your application still stand valid as you have deposited prescribed fee for that or you have to apply again ?? You read the advertisement again and again and do not find any clause stating about applications submitted earlier. You try to give a call to the numbers given on the website and the advertisement but this experience gives you nostalgia and you are forced to recall your telephone calls to FM radio when you were eager to talk to DJ’s but you continuously found the number busy. Ok no problem, you say to yourself and go for email option since it is the era of technology and prompt reply but to your dismay you never get a reply of your email. On trying again and getting no response you comprehend that the concerned employees are not yet computer trained. So you let the things go as they are going and assume that your application is very much valid as you have deposited fee. Now after two months you again happen to see the earlier post advertised with again increase of number of posts and this is again advertisement with partial modification. And this time by uttering a curse you would try to forget that you have ever applied for this post.

You can witness another funny thing. You check out an advertisement of the position relating to your degree and experience but after the above mishap you do not dare to apply. But to your utter surprise you realize that just one day after closing date you see the advertisement announcing that the candidates applied for the position are given time of 12 days to recheck and correct academic record before they are called for test. It leaves you confused why the applicants are given time again to recheck academic record after deadline. And if the commission has that much time then why do not it utilize the time in disposing of previous applications?

On a serious note, this slow pace of recruitment results into brain drain and chances of corruption. This is my experience with the oldest public service commission in the country. If anyone has a better one please do share.

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Alina Salman is a law graduate from University Law College, Punjab University. She is a content writer and writes about different topics related to society, education and others.

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