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Some social media buttons that should be made

Some social media buttons that should be made

I was on Facebook today and found a very interesting post on a page. The post was about some new buttons that should be made. Some one very smart must have made this because these buttons are what I and millions of others want. These are the buttons that should be immediately added.

The Dislike Button
I really want this button, for all the posts and comments that I dislike. It should be on the pages as well because there are many pages and groups that people don’t like but they don’t dislike the page and still view their posts just to make themselves miserable. Some of the pages and posts that I will use this button for are Meera, Fawad Chaudhry, Abid Sher Ali, Veena Malik etc.

The Hate Button
This is my favorite. There are many posts and people that I hate and this flipping gesture will send the right message to the concerned person. I bet this will soon become the most used button on Facebook.

The Threaten Button
Well we all use words for people and pages, threatening them. It will really save time for millions of users and social media gangsters. Yes there are social media gangsters out there.

The Stare Creepily Button
Ah! This will be your average stalkers favorite button. Anyone stalking the profiles and photos of other people will only need to hit this one instead of the like or follow button.

The Express Doubt Button
We all have come across posts and videos about some guy performing a magnificent stunt or someone making a great video that has a comment “FAKE” by some lunatic who thinks he can do better but does not have the guts to do it. Yes that special guy/girl, this is their button.

The Incite Rebellion Button
I think this should also be added as soon as possible. Because Facebook and Twitter are perhaps the biggest platforms where digital rebels gather to comment how their country has done nothing for them and it is time to stand up etc. etc. but after they shut down their computers and mobiles, they return to the “exciting” lives that they have. I have seen many digital rebels and jihadists like this on social media. Instead of writing long and boring comments on a post, just click this button and all your rebels will answer your call and start disliking the post. Times have changed my friend and this is how the latest rebels roll.

Throw a Tomato Button
Every now and then a video song comes out which makes you go to the house of the singer and burn his house down. Just click this button and pretty soon the person responsible for the video will get the message that he should look for another career. Remember that girl from last year who looked like an over protective psycho girlfriend. She would get a million clicks with this button.

Pass the Joint Button
Oh yeah… this should definitely be added soon. Since the governments are not going to make weed legal, at least give us this button to have fun.

There are other buttons in the above picture, but I don’t think they are that important. I hope Zuckerberg reads this.

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Taimoor is the Digital Content Lead at www.RightJobs.pk . He has been working at prominent media outlets for several years. He blogs at several websites about current affairs, religion, careers and other walks of life.

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