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Spiritual and aesthetic

Spiritual and aesthetic

By Nadeem Zuberi, Weekly Pulse, August 05, 2013

A feeling of calmness and tranquillity prevail the environment of the Ahmed Pervez Gallery. A majestic atmosphere of the gallery overwhelms visitors who attend the group calligraphic exhibition at The Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi. The exhibition adds colours to the spiritual, aesthetic ambience of the holy month of Ramazan.

The calligraphic works show great variation in script and style from artist to artist. It is a good opportunity to witness such a variety of calligraphic art at one place at a time. The signature styles of famous artists and some new comers creating a blend of old and new calligraphic creations at the show, while mostly the artworks are in oil or acrylic on canvas other mediums are also used by the artists to glorify this art.

All artists use different variations of Khat in their calligraphic works. They often combine illumination like using gold or silver leaf and painting elements like flowers and geometrical designs with the calligraphy.

The luminous, beautifully designed calligraphy shows the artists fusion of their personalities in their works which satisfy their creative endeavour. With a strong aesthetic appeal, brilliant use of colours and superb balance between design and form, their art of calligraphy creates an immediate visual impact.

Adeel Uddin’s unprecedented pieces of handwork on hollowed out egg shells, including those of ostriches, peacocks, hens and ducks creates an unusual visual effect. The art pieces have been mounted on platforms with multi-coloured lights, slowly revolving to give four sided view of the pieces. He embroiders various Holy Qura’n verses on the egg shells with gold-plated copper wire. He contributed 21 works to the exhibition. Adeel Uddin is a police official by profession and inherited this art from his father who is the pioneer of this art.

Sindh Education and Literacy Minister Nisar Khuhro, inaugurated the ceremony, he lauded the artists for not only keeping the art of Islamic calligraphy alive but also for giving it impetus. He also praises the quality of the works and said that they were a happy, though nostalgic, reminder of Sadequain.

The Arts Council Pakistan, Karachi President, Ahmed Shah said the quality of the works was “the essence of the Arts Council”.

The exhibition is a delight for Islamic art lovers who can enjoy the works by various artists with different artistic leanings and varied skills.

The Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi show good efforts in arranging this calligraphy exhibition. The artists participated have been invited from Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Islamabad and Lahore. The artists are mainly those whose art practices revolve around the genre of calligraphy.

There are 113 works by 58 artists adorning the walls of gallery showing the most attractive vivid and stylised letters and words in various calligraphic masterpieces highlighting Quranic verses and Islamic themes.

The exhibition includes some new and eminent names: Mohsin Jaffery, M.A. Bokhari, Meerza Ali, Munir Shah and Aftab Zafar, Akram Spaul, Tariq Javed, Mehtab Ali, Shakil Ismail and Zulfiqar Zulfi, Shaista Alvi, Aamir Ejaz, Amjad minhas, Jasarat Pervaiz, Muhammad Shafique, Shehzad Alam, Ghoar Rehman, Mohammad Waseem, Agha Ayesha, Azam Ali, Husna Naz, Naeem Mughal, Adam khan, Fareed uddin, Kamal, Shahdab Mangi, Ayesha Ahmed, Shenaz Koyar, Altaf Shah, Saif Ul Islam, Liaqat Ali Kiyani, Rehan, Firdus, Seemab Tariq, Saleem Bhopali, and others.

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