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Sports in Pakistan

Sports in Pakistan

Sports in Pakistan have taken an obvious blip in recent times. From beyond you can look and say that all is well and good, but is it the case really?

I have lived in the distinct city of Quetta. From which I have seen extraordinary talents in sports. Mostly in football because that is my main field but through my different observations I have found out that talent is densely packed in Baluchistan. You can see little football players with quick feet and shooting which you won’t believe. Their body strength isn’t to be laughed at as well as they posses incredible strength for small guys. That’s not to say that they are all small they come in all shapes and sizes, abundant in talent as well. Moving on to cricket which is a well-known game in Pakistan, You see people playing on the streets and they are really good. You think to that if someone comes in and teach these guys a few things then they can be great players surely? Unfortunately that’s where the problem lies.

You think of countries like England and Germany where they have these brilliant systems to get the best out of youth. One has to wonder that why doesn’t Pakistan replicate their ways? They have a tendency to replicate every other thing! It’s not like we are living in the 1990′s, its 2014 now and you look at some of the world; you do find that there is little progress in Pakistan. That’s not to say that there aren’t certain factors which prevent, but they can be easily avoided or dealt with.

You think of football and cricket in the UK, It’s been there since the mid 1850s.Thats is a long time ago. Till now they have exercised the best methods. Indeed it is something that other countries have replicated well; you look at India for example. They have become a global brand with their IPL and they have even established a football league. They are having a right go at it, the same can’t be said about Pakistan.

It’s not like the government isn’t generating money. We all know how well it does generate, and how much does it generate. They could set up proper academies in each city or at least the capital of each district. Set up proper competitions in school, colleges and universities to pick out the best players and offer them contracts.They could set up scouting networks so that they can extract those pure talents from everywhere. Why not establish a domestic league? Or even a regional league? There will be crowds and sponsors! People can establish their own clubs, whether it be in football, cricket or hockey etc. The clubs in turn will make their own stadiums, which can be used for domestic and international matches. The clubs will then invest in foreign coaches and staff, who will come from overseas .Which means it will also attract foreign fans and encourage the local ones too. The sponsors can be foreign as well, Think of Nike or Adidas. So will the tickets sold for each match. The government will no doubt put a hefty tax to suck up some of the money. Then the scouting networks can pick out the best players in the league and deputize them for international duties. Imagine a international football match in Pakistan, Foreign teams and fans coming over. This will be very good for the economy and tourism as well. The advantages are endless really.

After reading that the question pops up that why doesn’t the government invest in sports? For how long will they keep up sucking up all the money for uses which are better left unmentioned? Probably forever, until there is a probable voice(s) which can force them to establish these ideas. Everyone also needs to realize that not everyone is a gem in education. Talents come in multiple forms and one of them is sports. Everyone expects children to prosper in education, but what if he doesn’t have the same brain as the next one? What if you give him a football and he excels with it? All these possibilities have to be taken in account. If a child can be given a gift in studies then a child can also be given a gift in sports. Until the government establishes all these ideas it will be hard for parents to be convinced, they will be reluctant to accept it because they will think that there are less opportunities (and money) in the sports field. It’s the responsibility of the government to convince everyone that sports has a future and one in the limelight.

In the end you can believe whatever you want to. To give you a taste of reality here is a question, for a country which really prides itself with cricket, when was the last time we played a home international match? After which I ask the question again, Are things really well and dandy?

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