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Strategic Move of China Or Economic Move of Pakistan

Strategic Move of China Or Economic Move of Pakistan

As we know ‘the port of Gawadar’ is going to be a very important port in the Arabian Sea, it’s going to serve both of the friendly nations-China and Pakistan. Is it a strategic move or an economic move? Well, it is a subject of great controversy.

The western world consider it a strategic plan of China whereas the friends of Pakistan take it as a good economic move which may bring prosperity to South Asia, Central Asia and it can also serve the Middle East.

Pakistan’s recent offer is to build a road starting from Khunjerab Pass (Chinese border), ending at Gawadar, and linking it with Lahore-Karachi Motorway. This road will connect Pakistan with China and Central Asian countries. Pakistan looks forward to making it a hub of transit trade in the region. The idea of a new road is appreciated by the people of the two countries. It is going to emerge as a special corridor to enhance trade in the whole region.

The first phase of Gawadar port was completed in 2006, but ever since it has failed to draw any substantial business. Lets’ not ignore the geoeconomic significance of this newly developed port.

Many of the western and Indian political figures and analysts argue that China’s intention is to secure its foothold to reach the ‘Far Pavilions’ if necessary. In other words, it’s all about defense/strategic purposes.

China would certainly like to see oil being imported from the Middle East, refined at Gawadar, and sent to China by road, through a pipeline or by railways.

International Reaction:

The United States of America can react the worst way but it may not react publicly. When I look at the neighboring countries and the rest of the world I feel that there is no cause of anxiety for them to react because China’s presence at Gawadar would stabilize the disturbed order of today’s world after the disintegration of former Soviet Union at the hands of America. American power play is not in the interest of the American nation because the reaction of the suppressed nations in the form of terrorism would keep destabilizing America, and for that the American economy would be shattered again and again. These oppressed nations which are the neighboring countries of Pakistan would like to see Chinaas the ‘Balance Maker’ whose presence in the region would help Pakistan and other states like Yemen to push the terrorists to a place where there would be a chance of their being dispersed forever, and this can happen only with the presence of another emerging super power and that is China.

 My Point of View:

Being impartial analyst, I can comfortably say that today’s China doesn’t want to get involved in any confrontation with America and its allies in the west. China’s main concern is just the same as that of Pakistan’s which seems to be trade-oriented, and it also appears to be aimed at securing the energy supplies.

To some people, Gawadar is going to become a new economic hub, but most of the people are skeptical of this view.


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