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Take care of your skin this winter

Take care of your skin this winter

The dry winter season is slowly creeping in. Just because the season is dry and cold doesn’t mean that your skin will look like that. You can have glowing skin this winter if you follow these simple tips.

  • Hot water is something one must avoid in winter. A hot water bath must be avoided. Slight warm water will not take away the moisture from your skin.
  • Always carry a moisturizer with you if you want to have soft hydrated hands. Dry skin will make you static and keep ‘ shocking’ people if you touch them.
  • Using a scrubber while having a bath will exfoliate the dry and dead skin leaving you feeling soft and fresh.
  • Before going out, always put on loads of moisturizer in your hands and feet. Apply moisturizer on your feet and wear socks and go to sleep. This will make sure the moisturizer has fully seeped into your skin making it soft and well hydrated next morning.
  • Don’t forget your lips this winter. Lips get chapped very soon and also lose moisture easily. For those who feel that licking their lips will hydrate them are completely mistaken. In fact it will remove moisture from them at a faster pace. To avoid chapped lips, investing in a good lip balm is a good option.
  • Eat a lot of fish because they have omega 3 fatty acids in them which is excellent for the skin. For vegetarians, omega 3 fatty acid pills are available at various food counters. But these pills must be taken under a doctor’s supervision.

Following these simple tips can save your skin from looking older than it actually is. Taking care of your skin is a daily process and is not restricted for winter or any harsh season.

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