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Take out our Magnificent Abode from the Trench

Take out our Magnificent Abode from the Trench

Bomb blasts … Killings … Rape … Political drama

This country is in deep tumult, the news is filled with such events and positive news is a rare occurrence.
The question is: how is a person supposed to live a normal, healthy life under these wretched circumstances? How does one remain positive and motivated to carry out their day-to-day tasks? How is an individual supposed to be productive? Moreover, how should one have any major goals in life with such a condition, where you have to think several times before stepping out of your home?

I do not have a hard and fast rule that will make all your troubles magically disappear, however I do have a few tips that will make your life a tad bit easier. I will give you some suggestions which will make you productive as an individual and will make our country a better place.

  1. Watch the news regularly, and plan your day in accordance with your city’s condition.
    For instance; if a strike has been called for, and the next day you had your swimming class which got cancelled, then you need to overcome your displeasure and plan something productive for the day after. You could read an article which you have been meaning to read but never got around to it,  start the novel which you have not touched ever since you bought it, talk to an old friend whom you did not contact in ages, help your mother out with house-work so that her job becomes less burdensome, etc. Just the other day, my friends had planned to come over to my place for a movie night, but unfortunately Altaf Hussain got arrested and our plan got cancelled, however I did not waste the night, I got around to writing this article which I couldn’t find time for in my busy schedule.   In a way, these strikes are needed for you to get the tasks done, which you do not have time to touch in your daily routine. Look at everything in a positive way and life will seem more humble.
  2. Patriotic beings may find these situations to be dispiriting, they may look back on what Pakistan used to be and do a comparison in their mind. This might lead to depression, anxiety and a strong condemnation of the leaders. To avoid these feelings, one may meditate, practice yoga or may participate in any other activity, which causes de-stress. Moreover, the most important thing to do is pray for the betterment of our beloved abode.  Praying makes one at peace and decreases stress level as well.
  3. Adversity is immensely high and average Joes like you and I cannot bring about a large change by ourselves. However, each one of us can do our part to make our nation a better place. Small acts, such as; placing garbage in dust bins, picking up wrappers wherever you see them on the floor, helping out others whenever possible, volunteering for a good cause, making donations to not-for-profit organizations (Edhi foundation,TCF, make-a wish etc.) , etc. Moreover, get the best education possible; become skillful to your full potential because your land needs people that can improve the situation in various industries/sectors. As observed, once they have gotten an excellent education, most people tend to shift to developed countries to get jobs. This brain drain should discontinue. Always, help make your homeland prosper, I know that the rewards of working in first world countries are tremendous but if every educated person started to move away, Pakistan’s condition will remain the same. Become a capable professional and work for your own nation, develop it and make it shine.
  4. Karma exists, believe in it. Once you accept that ‘what goes around, comes around’, you will deal with all situations with honesty. If everyone adopted this policy, the system would entirely change; bribery, injustice and various crimes would not take place. Pakistan would become peaceful in no time.
  5. Be motivated to do what you are passionate about. Never think that it is of no use in this country, every skill is useful. Whether you dance, sing, have a liking for interior designing, etc. Make room for your skill and succeed in it, just because it is not of importance in our nation yet, it does not mean that it cannot be initiated with your effort. For example; Ma’am Nilofer Saeed started the very first organic store in Karachi and now it is rapidly gaining popularity, it was a unique idea and she launched it with determination.

    “Individual commitment to a group effort-that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” -Vince Lombardi

Do your part to make our nation flourish, as the above mentioned quote suggests; if everyone put in their individual effort then the whole system would work efficiently.
Do not lose hope, remain motivated, have drive and influence others to do the same!

About Farheena Panhwar

Farheena Panhwar is doing BBA(hons.) from Institute of Business Management (IoBM). She blogs at http://farheenapanhwar.wordpress.com/

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