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Target killings, extortions, street crimes not losing intensity in Karachi

Target killings, extortions, street crimes not losing intensity in Karachi

Despite huge deployment of police and rangers during ongoing operation against criminals in the port city of Karachi the killings, extortions, street crimes and vehicle thefts have not stopped or decreased substantially. During seven months of ongoing Operations period from September 5, 2013 to April 2, 2014 some 1142 people in Karachi have lost their lives, according to the latest data released by the Karachi police.

Sindh Police data shows that during the operation about 1142 people were killed including targeted killing, 14 acts of terrorism or bomb blasts were reported while 61 incidents of kidnapping for ransom, 1046 extortion, dacoities and robberies 612, street robberies 1011, mobile phone snatching 7609, four wheeler theft 2320, and 13086 incidents of motorcycles theft were reported. The moble phone snatching has increased during the operation.

The extortionists are still very active in the criminal world of Karachi city backed by political and so-call religious parties. The dangerous weapon in the money collecting business is the mobile SIM, off course illegal. The law and order agencies despite ability to detect the caller, extortionist, are still failed to weed out the criminals. Against 1046 complaints of extortions only 213 accused were arrested only 189 ended up in jails, a serious question on the performance of investigation system.

Police data shows that during operation 1046 complaints were received while 212 persons were arrested only 2 killed whereas during the seven months period before the operation 1160 complaints were received and only 180 accused were nabbed.

During the operation 9271 accused were arrested by law enforcement agencies, 302 are under police custody, 2931 managed to get bail while 6038 were sent to jails. During the operation only 1477 criminals were convicted.

Pakistan is constantly facing the all sort of terrorism from militancy to extortionist, all dangerous for the economy of the country. So the country has lost over 40,000 precious lives and over $80 billion in monetary terms. Almost every segment of the society is infected due to growing senseless militancy. Systematic failure of successive government has given rise to the criminal gangs.

The traders and industrialist are forced to pay Rs 80 million to Rs 100 million per day to the extortionists, according to some estimates claimed by business community. The extortion is the booming business as profit makers belong to various political and ethnic parties, organized small and large groups of outlaws.

Traders of port city of Karachi face worst days practically the city is being ruled by criminals without fears. The monthly amount being paid to the criminals goes up to Rs 2.4 billion to Rs 3 billion. Despite huge presence of Rangers, police and other law enforcement agencies and also the chief minister and his army of ministers and advisors who draw monetary and material benefits from the taxes paid by the traders and common citizens. So far the government has displayed disappointed performance..

The country is confronted with both external and internal enemies. The worst being the internal one in the current situation. Because of growing militancy and lawlessness the country is bleeding economically, the outcome will be more chaos and anarchy.

Improved law and order situation is must for attracting domestic and foreign investment. Government must ensure that peace prevails in the country ongoing negotiations with Taliban and operation clean up in karachi with good intention may yield desired outcome.

Government also needs to seriously take up the issue of shortage of personnel. In Karachi against the population of 22 million only 29279 policemen are deployed. According to police data only 17740 policemen are available to maintain law and order in the metropolis in two shifts of 12 hours each. Shortage of manpower is also one of causes of inefficiency of the police department which needs to solve on priority bases.

By Khurshid Ahmad, WEEKLY PULSE MAGAZINE, April 21, 2014


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