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Tharparker Drought: Who is answerable?

Tharparker Drought: Who is answerable?

Yesterday while going through the news bulletin, I came across some horrific news that caused a blast of tears.  The news was: 121 children died in Tharparkar in four months due to shortage of food. The images of the dying innocent flowers told some tormented tales which can never be put in to words. While people see dreams of bright future for their children, the calamity hit parents are doing efforts for their survival.

The echoes of the glamorous Sindh Festival struck my mind immediately. The festivity feeling is still in the air. The massive celebrations and the role of Sindh government will be written in golden words in the history of Sindh as well as Pakistan. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s speech at the closing ceremony of the Sindh Festival was very energetic in which he reiterated the fact that the festival will give a message to the world that Pakistan is a peace loving country.  PPP Chairman, please tell us now that who is responsible for the food drought in Tharparkar and why the government of Sindh didn’t attend the disadvantaged people of Tharparkar.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah made a visit to the area following the reports of the media. The wheat distribution was delayed in the area which usually starts in November and December.

If a government has no knowledge that the general public is dying due to food shortage then how will they run the affairs of the government. The PPP chairman has announced the relief efforts for the people but will it compensate the pain of their parents or the ailment the deceased children faced during their short life span?

On this platform, I request all the affluent people to initiate programs for the eradication of drought situation in Sindh. Since, our authorities have no interest whatsoever in the welfare of people.

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