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The agony of being ill…Sad but true!

The agony of being ill…Sad but true!

The story I am going to share today is actually an untold one faced by thousands every day at PIMS hospital Islamabad. For some days in life are meant to be harsh; but you can guarantee it if you are making a visit to PIMS without any reference.

I got the chance to visit PIMS a few days back and just wondered how come it is possible for a hepatitis B patient to stand up in a queue for so long. But it was a sad reality. I got a token and went for a check up to the urology department. There were so many patients who had no seats available and they were forced to sit down on the floor despite their precarious state.

Afterwards 10 patients were asked to queue up outside the doctor’s office. A bulky shrewd looking nurse came out time and again with frown gestures. She is meant to make you fall more ill; that is for sure. Meanwhile I was standing outside; some “VIP” people kept on entering the room with smiles and moreover were having no tokens. The nurses welcomed them with respect and undue respect was given to them by the doctors. This is called the general hospital of federal capital where you are meant to be so much helpless and wish to blame your sick feeling many times.

The cleanliness situation in the hospital was worse than ever as witnessed from one of the major wards. The washrooms for the patients seemed dirty for months. According to most of PIMS patients; the young doctors inducted at PIMS are highly non serious and take breaks regularly for enjoying the café fun.

There were very limited stretchers and people were forced to snatch them from each other.

A very poor display of administration at PIMS is just another example of the poor situation of Pakistani institutes. So if you are going to civil hospital and negating the rules of the facility, it reflects you don’t have any feelings for others. Let us play our role in relieving the pain of our brothers and sisters.

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  1. samia , you have mentioned a grim but very true reality… i had also one such experience.. actually that particular environment and illness makes you feel pathetic.. being ill .. itself is such a stressor and then facing such medical treatment conditions .. i can just pray the government officials might read this one and feel the agony of a common man

  2. Samia Tariq

    Yes, I also wish the same. Please spread the word.

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